The two-year-old from Zaozhuang, Shandong province, made simple daily communication in fluent English in the video

The two-year-old is fluent in English

A two-year-old girl from Zaozhuang, Shandong Province, made simple daily communication with people in fluent English in the video. This is really amazing, my baby!

The two-year-old from Zaozhuang, Shandong province, made simple daily communication in fluent English in the video
The two-year-old from Zaozhuang, Shandong province, made simple daily communication in fluent English in the video

Some people said that the child must be a genius in English, while others speculated whether the parents of the child were returnees, which is why the child’s English is so good. 

As a matter of fact, the most important thing for 2-year-old Eun Eun to get where he is today is that he got the enlightenment early and used the right method.

Eun Eun’s mother says she started teaching her daughter English when she was six months old. 

Since the age of 1, Eun Eun has been speaking English with open mouth.By the age of one and a half, she had mastered a vocabulary of 500 words and phrases. 

I believe that with this development, Eun will soon be ahead of his peers in English.

Good English children, parents are secretly doing this

Looking at these fluent English speaking children, many parents are beginning to worry about how to make their children become “someone else’s child”.

In fact, from her mother’s words, we can find this rule, those good English children, parents are early to give their children the English enlightenment.

For example, Catherine, who has 200,000 followers on Douyin, has a vocabulary of 3,000 words at the age of 5.

What is the concept of 3000?

The outline of the 2019 college Entrance Examination English vocabulary is 3500, college English TEST BAND 4 vocabulary 3500-4000.Some people have counted that they can read harry Potter and other young adult books fluently with a vocabulary of more than 3000 words.

Like Eun Eun’s mother, Catherine’s father also talks about the importance of early enlightenment in English: “The key to learning English is to grasp the golden age of language learning, to use the right method and lay the foundation.”

0-6 years old is the sensitive period of children’s language development, at this time, the most important thing is to listen, let the child receive a large number of speech input, cultivate language sense, which is what we call “ear grinding”.

At this stage, children have incomparable advantages in pronunciation discrimination, pronunciation imitation, vocabulary absorption, etc., so grasping this period will get twice the result with half the effort.The older you get, the less able you become. 

So, the English enlightenment is really the earlier the better.Start early and the rest will be easier.

90% of parents fall for the four biggest myths about their children’s English initiation

Nowadays, many parents have realized the importance of English learning in preschool, but they often fall into the erroneous zone of English enlightenment.

Myth 1: Enlightenment is late

Many parents worry that their children’s early learning of English will affect the development of their mother tongue, or that bilingual learning will lead to their children’s mixed use of language and confusion.

Besides, now the majority of primary schools from the third grade after the beginning of learning English, the children follow the step-by-step learning when the time comes not on the line?

By the third grade, however, children are eight or nine years old and have long since missed their prime linguistic sensitivity.

Myth 2: Ineffective ear-grinding

Many parents believe that they should constantly provide ear-grinding audio materials to their children from the moment they are born, and that as long as they persist, their children will naturally learn English and have a great sense of language.

In fact, this view is wrong.

A child can only acquire a language by effective input with understanding, so listening to English audio sounds is just like listening to birds, no matter how long it takes.

Myth 3: Go to class once a week for a long time

Some parents have spent tens of thousands of yuan to sign up their children for offline English classes. After half a year, they find that their children are still jumping out of English word by word. 

The reason is simple, of course, because time is short.A week to two hours of class, in addition to the rest, play, children desertion, the number of students, less opportunities to open their mouths and other factors, children can really effective exposure to English how much time?

It is a fool’s dream to hope that your child can master English in a two-hour training class every week.

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  1. In order to have the right learning style and attitude, English should be grasped from a young age. It is an international language and must be mastered in advance so as not to encounter difficulties in later study.

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