Feminine, temperamental, cultivated

Time is equal to anyone, the word self-discipline

These days, gao xiaosong has a group of recent photos on the Internet refresh.

Photos of him, still dressed in black and sporting his trademark medium – to long-haired locks, were met with disbelief on the Internet.

Feminine, temperamental, cultivated

After all, that’s how gao Xiaosong used to be in my memory.

Now he lost 26 pounds, not only a lot of tall and straight, the whole person appears in a fit of spirit.

Obviously already 51 years old, on the contrary, compared to the young also added a bit fresh and elegant, let a person have to be surprised.

Gao xiaosong’s two posts on his weibo account are even more touching:

“Love life, love the world.”

“Take off that greasy shell and hope that the one inside is your true self.”

Such gao Xiaosong, it is hard not to remind people of ni Ping, who was put on the hot search list last year because of a photo of a natural beauty.

Over the past decade, she has repeatedly been mocked by netizens for being overweight and aging.

She started working out and slimmed down again at the age of 59, earning herself praise for being “20 years back.”

I can’t help but think of a sentence:

“A person’s face before the age of 40 is decided by his parents, but the face after the age of 40 is cut by himself.”

First we change our habits, then our habits shape us.

Self-discipline is hidden in the body, looks hidden in the state of mind, clothing hidden in the attitude.

After middle age, your “five senses”, hiding your three views.

Indulgence or self-discipline, your body will answer for you.

I have seen a question on the Internet: “What is the difference in life between people who are disciplined and those who are not?”

One poignantly replied: ‘Just look at all the people you have around you compared to ten years ago.’

I don’t know if you have noticed that people around you gradually divide into two groups after middle age:

A group of people, from the once elegant young girls, young green, into their own fat “greasy” middle-aged.

The others, however, were as handsome as ever, and the pig feed seemed to have lost its effect on them.

In fact, time is equal to anyone, the difference, is the word self-discipline.

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