Women, power, lessons

The controversy surrounding Cixi continues today

Then, in 1881, When Cian, who had always been in good health, suddenly died, the Forbidden City began to wonder: How could the empress dowager, who was only in her forties, have died in such a hurry?

On the most basic political logic, Cixi must be the prime suspect.But to this day, no hard evidence has been found.

Whatever the truth of history, living longer is always a matter of pride in political wrangling than living longer.

With the downfall of her biggest rival, the Empress Dowager naturally became the highest decision-maker in the Qing dynasty.

Women, power, lessons

After all is said and done

The story of cixi as a woman who descended from an ordinary official and struggled to become the de facto head of the Qing Dynasty is still a jaw-dropping plot even in palace novels.

However, Cixi lived in a very different time from ancient times.

Under the impact of the industrial Revolution, invasion and innovation, she and the empire behind her are undergoing unprecedented tests.

In the tragicomedy of one history, this woman from the ancient court politics ascended to the top, as if become and new world antipathetic antique.

In 1908, At the age of 73, Cixi left this shaky world.

Three years later, wuchang uprising with a shot, completely declared the end of the ancient empire.

In fact, by the end of her life, Cixi had recognized the world situation and was willing to gradually push for a constitutional monarchy.

Cixi also expressed strong support for the abolition of foot binding for women.

It’s just that she doesn’t have the energy to demonstrate her progressive openness.

There is no doubt that in a traditional society filled with rigid stereotypes, Cixi’s body as a woman not only fulfilled the Confucian scholars’ ultimate dream of “cultivating morality, regulating the family, governing the country and bringing peace to the world”, but also worked hard to keep the Qing Empire moving forward.

In contrast to the consorts, who are full of fun and jealous concubines, Cixi is like an imperious and striking traversal heroine, announcing to them in a solemn voice:

You cling to power, and I define power.

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