She began to put the Han bureaucracy in position

As long as The empress Dowager was alive, the pattern of the two empress dowager officiating from behind the curtain could not be shaken.

On the surface, Cian is a kind – looking, soft – hearted person.

But Cixi was well aware that cian, a well-bred, well-educated official queen, was bound to have great skill and cunning.

For example, when the Xinyou coup occurred, Cian’s acquiescence helped greatly.

She, like Cixi, did not want to see the eight ministers divide their power among themselves.

So would Cixi, who was willing to risk everything for power, take cian’s advice?

Women, power, lessons

All is well that ends well

Cixi, who had always been decisive, chose to hide her strength this time.

That would be twenty years.

In 1869, Adhai, cixi’s confidant, was beheaded in Shandong by the order of Governor Ding Baozhen.

By rights, the grand eunuch general Andhai was a great man, and he made great contributions to Cixi in the Coup d ‘etat.

Even though Ding Baozhen was a feudal official, you should not look at the face of the Buddha, right?

However, Ding Baozhen had long been very dissatisfied with The overbearing andhae, just by taking the opportunity of Violating the court regulations, he took him down.

It was not, of course, an act of impulse, and he gave the order only after his note had received a definite reply.

It was none other than the empress Dowager Cian who replied to the letter.

It was clear to both the government and the later historiographer that the empress Dowager Cian was trying to scare the monkey by killing the chicken.

As a Supreme Court fighter, Cixi certainly saw the point, but for the sake of her lifelong political ideals, she had to endure and reconcile.

To Empress Dowager Cian, she still showed considerable respect and obedience;

With respect to the manchu dynasty, she also began to put the Han bureaucracy in a higher position and appropriately introduced Western technology and equipment, thus giving rise to the phenomenon of “Tongzhi Zhongxing”.

By 1881, the emperor had been replaced by Cixi’s nephew, Guangxu.

Because tongzhi died at an early age, the two dowagers had to find a new monarch.After a game, Guangxu finally won.

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  1. Empress Dowager Cixi had to endure reconciliation because of her lifelong political ideals.Thanks for sharing the article.

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