Zou Xinbai, a third-grade student in Shanghai, scored 7 in the IELTS test and 8 in the listening test

She became the youngest person

Earlier, a baby cow maxed out her parents’ circle of friends.

Zou Xinbai, a third-grade student in Shanghai, scored 7 in the IELTS test and 8 in the listening test.

Zou Xinbai, a third-grade student in Shanghai, scored 7 in the IELTS test and 8 in the listening test

Breaking the previous world record set by a Pakistani girl who scored an IELTS 7 at the age of 11.

That’s awesome, my boy!

As soon as the news came out, many old mothers could not help but be curious: How did the “cow baby” come into being after all?Is he a language genius?

In a subsequent interview, Zou’s mother revealed the answer.

From a few months old, they start to show their children English cloth books and listen to English songs.

By the time he starts to speak, his mother will have made a conscious effort to teach him both Chinese and English, and to teach him everything he sees when he goes out in both Languages. 

It can be said that Zou Xinbai’s English has achieved this result because of her parents’ emphasis on English and scientific and effective enlightenment methods. 

How important is good English to children?

In addition to being a compulsory subject for children in the future, English will be linked to college entrance exams, going abroad and future promotions and raises.

The child who speaks English, so to speak, wins at the beginning.

Have you caught the key period of English enlightenment?

 Patricia Kuhl, associate director of the Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences at the University of Washington and professor of speech and hearing, said in her presentation:

“Between the ages of 0 and 7 is a critical period for language learning. Infants and young children have the potential to master any language. If adequate language input is obtained during this critical period, every child may become bilingual/multilingual.”

That is to say, if every child receives scientific English enlightenment education during the critical period of language learning from 0 to 7 years old, they can also become the “Little English prodigy” in other people’s eyes.

Otherwise, the learning ability will become weaker and weaker as we grow older.

After going to school, when other children are struggling with English, our children can focus on math and Chinese. It can be seen that the earlier you start learning English, the better the effect will be and the less pressure you will have to learn it.

90% of parents fall for the four biggest myths about their children’s English initiation

Nowadays, many parents have realized the importance of English learning in preschool, but they often fall into the erroneous zone of English enlightenment.

Myth 1: Enlightenment is late

Many parents worry that their children’s early learning of English will affect the development of their mother tongue, or that bilingual learning will lead to their children’s mixed use of language and confusion.

Besides, now the majority of primary schools from the third grade after the beginning of learning English, the children follow the step-by-step learning when the time comes not on the line?

By the third grade, however, children are eight or nine years old and have long since missed their prime linguistic sensitivity.

Myth 2: Ineffective ear-grinding

Many parents believe that they should constantly provide ear-grinding audio materials to their children from the moment they are born, and that as long as they persist, their children will naturally learn English and have a great sense of language.

In fact, this view is wrong.

A child can only acquire a language by effective input with understanding, so listening to English audio sounds is just like listening to birds, no matter how long it takes.

Myth 3: Go to class once a week for a long time

Some parents have spent tens of thousands of yuan to sign up their children for offline English classes. After half a year, they find that their children are still jumping out of English word by word. 

The reason is simple, of course, because time is short.A week to two hours of class, in addition to the rest, play, children desertion, the number of students, less opportunities to open their mouths and other factors, children can really effective exposure to English how much time? 

It is a fool’s dream to hope that your child can master English in a two-hour training class every week.

Myth 4: Learning boring words by heart

Many parents think that when we learn Chinese, we start with words.If you master the words, isn’t it easy to learn English well?

However, memorizing words is so boring and boring that even a college student can’t keep it up, let alone a few years old child.This will only kill the child’s interest in learning. 

Moreover, memorizing Apple does not mean that children will use the word in different situations and open their mouths to communicate.

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