Women, power, lessons

This woman is The Empress Of Xianfeng, Cian

As Xianfeng continued to relinquish power, Cixi became the de facto ruler of the ancient empire.

To this, manchu dynasty wenwu is also full of complaints.

In 1861, after the humiliation of the Second Opium War, emperor Xianfeng came to the end of his life at the Rehe Summer Resort.

In this critical autumn, can Cixi naturally assume sole power?

Of course not, because there is another woman of higher rank.Even if cixi, in front of her also dare not rashly.

Women, power, lessons

Strike with determination thunder


No matter how dramatic and thrilling the current court dramas are adapted, in the real harem system, ordinary concubines and queens have no possibility of confrontation.

In xianfeng’s lifetime, Cixi, despite having the trump card of Tongzhi, had to yield three points to the Official empress, Cian.

Even if Cian was two years younger than her, she would respectfully call her sister when she met her.

When Xianfeng died and Tongzhi ascended the throne, Cixi was naturally promoted to the post of empress dowager because she was Tongzhi’s biological mother.

At that time, whenever the country was faced with a major decision, the two dowagers had to vote unanimously to pass it.

This is clearly not what the ambitious Cixi wanted to see.

But all this had been arranged before he ascended the throne, because of the layout of Xianfeng’s death.

In Xianfeng’s elaborate political system, eight ministers of care assisted the young masters, and then cixi and Cian, two dowagers, each commanded a royal seal.

As long as two people have a stamp, no resolution can be passed.

But for cixi, a gifted woman, the eight ministers are nothing more than a layer of window paper, a poke broken.

Shortly after The death of Xianfeng, Cixi launched a coup d ‘etat.

In a lightning campaign, Cixi captured eight courtiers and established a new faction headed by wang Yixin, the patron of The state.

The fact that cixi destroyed half of the political “legacy” left by the late Emperor before his body was cold caused a lot of discussion.

But even so, she is not the old Man who has a monopoly.

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