Women, power, lessons

The Qing was a controversial dynasty

One midsummer night, the bored Emperor Xianfeng was taking a walk in his palace.

Women, power, lessons

At that time, the Qing dynasty was in an extraordinary period of internal and external difficulties.

At home, Emperor Xianfeng had to deal with the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement, and he also had to be on guard against the actions of the British and French powers. He was anxious and worried all day long.

At night, when the lights were on, his busy heart could only get a moment’s rest.

At this time, only by the moonlight over the lotus pond can xianfeng immerse himself in a world free of chains and burdens.

Suddenly, a melodious song floated over from not far away.

The sound was clear and melodious, the cadence of the tune, stranded in the night such as the water of the night, could not help but make xianfeng refreshing:

“What a face she must be singing a little song!”

Follow the sound and go, Xianfeng saw a snow skin beauty, the flow of the woman, suddenly love.

After a few days, Xianfeng with the woman lingering, can not bear to be separated.

This woman is none other than Cixi.

Born in 1835, cixi was only 17 years old when she entered the court for a talent show. She was given the name Lord LAN, which is recorded in the Manuscript of The History of the Qing Dynasty as “Yi GUI ren”.

Compared with a group of well-born and well-qualified imperial concubines, Cixi was the daughter of an ordinary official with a blue flag and was not considered a dignitary at all.

If you want to stand out and win the attention of Xianfeng among the hundreds of flowers, you must show your unique expertise as much as possible.

Driven by this state of mind, there is a tantalizing romance above the night.

It also turns out that Cixi’s strategy is extremely subtle, and she completely bypasses the court-court drama where the concubines vie for supremacy in the ninth Five-year Plan.

In 1856, Cixi gave birth to a son, who became the Tongzhi Emperor, and she was given the title kuei Fei.

In the game of harem politics, where the mother is superior to the son, the appearance of Tongzhi means that Cixi has a magic weapon over the harem.

After the birth of his son, Xianfeng’s affection for Cixi increased, but his health began to deteriorate.

The Qing was a controversial dynasty, but the diligence of its emperors is one of the few in China’s history.

Emperor Xianfeng at that time of the physical condition, apparently unable to face the daily accumulation of mountains of music.

Therefore, he was in urgent need of an assistant with beautiful handwriting who could do the work for him.As a result, Cixi, who had a good handwriting, began to intervene in political decision-making.

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  1. Emperor Xianfeng had to deal with the Taiping Rebellion and be alert to the actions of the British and French powers.Thanks for sharing the article.

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