Be a man, teach, heart, educate

What really remains in this world is the true meaning

One life, two years to learn to speak, life to learn to shut up.

Control your mouth, is a lifetime of practice.

Be a man, teach, heart, educate

The world changes, life is like a dream, and it is better to hold your tongue and keep your heart than to make more mistakes and talk more.

Act in a subdued manner.

“I have a precious heirloom dao. It’s a good dao, but I’m ashamed of a copper coin.”

Speaking of Yang Zhi, most people will come up with a hero who has extraordinary martial arts skills and is faithful to his word:

After three generations of generals, he was the grandson of The fifth marquis Yang Ling, and he was determined to bring honor to his family by virtue of his ability.

Like Song Jiang:

Yan Poxi everywhere words hurt him, he is not angry, just “do not come”;

When we met for the first time, Wu Song wanted to hit him, but he was not angry. He praised Wu Song a lot.

They chose him as the master of the copycat, he clearly has this idea in mind, but still can calm down to analyze the pros and cons…

Mr. Yi Zhongtian said: “Three expensive people: bend down, lift up the head, sink to live gas.”

He that can keep his breath makes a great pot.

Zhuge Liang was calm and cool-headed. He captured Meng Huo seven times and finally succeeded in convincing his opponent to put down the rebellion in the Middle Of The South.

Haruki Murakami got up at 4 am every day to write and remained dormant for decades until he became a famous writer.

Put “qi” into your life, god will give you the best feedback.

There’s a line from the movie Kung Fu Yoga that goes like this:

“When walking around the river’s lake, one should avoid being impetuous. One can only become a master if one is calm and calm.”

People to the middle age, everywhere is the river’s lake.

Only calm down, have a chance to become the “master” of life, keep the heart of that side of heaven and earth.

“Living when ding eat dead hou, the man’s life annals has been paid.Iron horse night hiss mountain moon dawn, dark ape autumn cry thick clouds.”

When the legend of water margin in the wind and rain gradually disappear, chivalrous heart, rivers and lakes, heroes hate, heartbroken tears worth mentioning, everything will eventually dust to dust, soil to soil.

What really remains in this world is the true meaning of being a man, doing things and managing the world gained by the heroes of the water Margin through their blood and tears. That is:

To be a man, it is more trouble not to shut up;

If you do not control fire, disaster will follow.

In the world, can not sink gas is more disturbing.

Life is a lifetime, white cloud dog, pressure fire, pipe, calm down.

So, good.

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  1. It’s better to keep your tongue and your heart than not to make more mistakes and talk more.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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