Cultivate the habit of reading from childhood

Spell out the persistence of parents

When it comes to education, Finland has to be mentioned.

Cultivate the habit of reading from childhood

 Late school, long holidays, less homework, also do not spell school district housing…It may sound like a starting point for everything, but it leads the world in education.

Why?In addition to its unique educational system, it attaches great importance to reading.This should also be a lesson for all parents:

Be sure to cultivate your child’s reading habits from an early age.

Finland is a country with a special emphasis on reading. Statistics show that Finland has a population of 5.5 million and borrows 68 million books every year.

When each child is born, the government sends a package with a booklet containing instructions on how to guide the child through reading.

Reading for half an hour a day is a school requirement, and reading and writing are considered essential learning skills.

As the Finnish President said, they believe:

“Good reading habits will definitely help children open up the world.

Read, not just read.

It is the foundation of Chinese and the cornerstone of all subjects.

Children who read from an early age have higher intelligence and language skills than others.

Sun tianchang, known as the “child prodigy”, read more than 1000 at the age of 3, and was admitted to University of Science and Technology of China at the age of 13. Since my grandfather was a Chinese teacher, I paid special attention to the child’s character learning since childhood, which also laid a firm foundation for his other subjects.

Tang Chuyue scored 725 points in this year’s college entrance examination, and her Chinese score was 146.All this is due to her continued love of reading and writing outside of class.

“Adults analyze the world by experience, children shape it by imagination.”The more books a child reads, the more his brain works and the more exercise he gets.

Especially now, should take an exam to Chinese more and more attention, no matter be literate, recite tang dynasty poem song ci or write, test the child’s ability very much.

The subject accomplishment and skill that the child enters big language times need, brush a problem to compare with a lot of reading.

Some time ago, watching the news, a mother came home from a party and broke down in tears. 

Who wouldn’t want to give their children a happy childhood if they could?But the harsh reality is that if children can’t read and can’t read enough, they can’t even go to school.

In many elementary schools, literacy is now required for admission.

A public primary school in Hangzhou requires at least 700-800 pre-school literacy;

A primary school in Beijing is required to have 1,000 reading passages.

After entering primary school, the new curriculum standard requires 1.45 million words of extra-curricular reading quantity…

Children feel that their parents are cruel, parents are involuntarily.

As Ye Shengtao once said, “Teaching is to avoid teaching, and management is to ignore.”

Farsighted parents are sure to let their children receive Chinese enlightenment as soon as possible, so that the children can go more easily in the future!

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  1. Reading can stimulate children’s intelligence and understanding, and help children adapt to life as early as possible.

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