Be a man, teach, heart, educate

One must be calm in one’s conduct

Such family, martial arts, ambition, even if not on the favored son, it can also be considered in the dragon and phoenix.

Be a man, teach, heart, educate

Unfortunately, no matter how good the family, no matter how high the martial arts, no matter how far the ambition can not make up for the act of fire to bring him disaster.

“The liangshan park forest rushes down grass, Bianjing city Yang Zhi sells the dao” in one time, the scutterback niuer wants to buy Yang Zhi’s dao, Yang Zhi asks the price 3000 guan Guan, Niuer asks: “What kind of bird dao, want to sell this much money!”

Yang Zhidao: “The first, cut copper chop iron, knife edge does not roll;The second, had been blown;Third, there’s no blood on the knife.”

Niu2 don’t believe, call him one by one demonstration.

In the end, he said wildly, “I don’t have any money, but I want your knife!”

Yang Zhi was furious and pushed niuer down.

Niuer refused to accept, waved his right fist to fight, Yang Zhi escaped, readily picked up the knife, “a moment of anger” then brandished the knife killed Niuer.

The Buddha said, “He who is angry is the slave of his heart.”

Anger is like an inner demon. If we can’t suppress it, we will be suppressed and enslaved by it.

So it is with Yang Zhi.His tragic fate was, to a large extent, due to his fiery character:

He could have ignored it or knocked it down with one blow, but he couldn’t control the fire. He lost control of his temper and killed it with one knife, committing felony murder.

So be a man, you must keep the fire under.

Because of a scoundrels and ruined his own bright future, Yang Zhi’s experience fully confirmed that sentence:

When you get angry, you punish yourself with the mistakes of others.

There is a Buddhist proverb: “One mind, one mind, sets fire to the delin.”

But the burning anger burns up more than good deeds.

Some time ago I saw this news on the Internet:

When a couple had a quarrel because of some trivial things in life, the girl was angry and deleted all her boyfriend’s papers and materials.

The result is predictable.

Anger is worth nine harms; fire, which cannot be suppressed, is a double-edged sword, which easily injures others and injures itself.

All men have tempers, but only those who can control them can avoid disaster and earn a living.

Be calm in life.

Read the “Water Margin” of the people, how many will feel song Jiang a bit “false”.

But though it is sanctimonious, yet it is gallant;It is double-faced, but it is done without leaking.

So when young to see “water Margin”, the most hated character is Song Jiang.

Now, when I re-read the water margin, I found:

To hide the fire is the ability;Gas to sink, square for the pattern.

All the long sleeves good dance, but after knowing the impermanence of the world, but tactful wisdom;

All well-maned, however, is to see through the unpredictable, had to calm down the pattern.

As the old saying goes: “Static not dew machine, Yunlei tun also.”

One must be calm in one’s conduct, as a thunderstorm does, waiting for its moment until the last thunderbolt has blown out its strongest force.

So, in the world, be calm.

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  1. In the process of dealing with people to remain calm, with a calm and indifferent attitude to look at things.Thanks for sharing the article.

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