Be a man, teach, heart, educate

The world changes, life is like a dream

But If Li Kui stays in the world, unavoidably can say what improper language, defile his one life heroic name.

Be a man, teach, heart, educate

Compared with Li Kui, Xue Baochai’s “A Dream of Red Mansions” has nothing to do with not opening his mouth, ask shake his head three do not know “is really great wisdom ah.

As a Moroccan saying goes, “Words often hurt more than knives.”

Zeng Guofan, in his letter to his brother Zeng Guofan, also urged: “Refrain from speaking more”.

So go ahead and shut up.Shut up, to keep the heart.

I have read such a Parable of The Wisdom of the Jews in the book:

One day, a rich businessman had an idea: “What is the most expensive thing on the market?”So he told his servant to go and buy it back.

After a while, the servant came back, but it was the tongue he bought.

Two days later, the rich merchant said to the servant, “Go and buy the cheapest things in the market.”

The rich merchant thought the servant would buy some needles and thread, but this time the servant brought back a tongue.

The rich businessman was puzzled and asked, “The other day I asked you to buy the most expensive thing, but you bought back your tongue.Today I asked you to buy the cheapest thing you could find, and you bought your tongue back.How can that be?”

The servant replied, “Tongue is such a thing, the good is noble, the bad is very low.”

Zhihu’s last question was: “Why do we talk less as we grow older?”

“Because I’ve had enough of saying the wrong thing,” was the reply.

One life, two years to learn to speak, life to learn to shut up.

Control your mouth, is a lifetime of practice.

The world changes, life is like a dream, and it is better to hold your tongue and keep your heart than to make more mistakes and talk more.

Act in a subdued manner.

“I have a precious heirloom dao. It’s a good dao, but I’m ashamed of a copper coin.”

Speaking of Yang Zhi, most people will come up with a hero who has extraordinary martial arts skills and is faithful to his word:

After three generations of generals, he was the grandson of The fifth marquis Yang Ling, and he was determined to bring honor to his family by virtue of his ability.

Such family, martial arts, ambition, even if not on the favored son, it can also be considered in the dragon and phoenix.

Unfortunately, no matter how good the family, no matter how high the martial arts, no matter how far the ambition can not make up for the act of fire to bring him disaster.

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  1. Always be wise in your life.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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