Be a man, teach, heart, educate

A man should keep his mouth shut

Jin Shengtan, a famous literary critic, once commented on The novel Water Margin:

Be a man, teach, heart, educate

“Don’t read another book. Just read it once.Only the Water Margin, but never get tired of watching.”

A “water Margin”, is a book of human affairs.

When I was young, I watched “Outlaws of the Marsh” on TV:

Love is, happy enmity of the rivers and lakes flashed those “road see uneven a roar, the move when the action on the move” characters;

Alas, behind the mysterious halls lurked stories about “what can be done, can be done.”

So at that time, the most favorite Yang Zhi street justice and Li Kui’s mountain kill tiger, most disgusted with song Jiang’s hypocrisy, duplicity.

But in middle age, when people re-read the water margin, they find that behind the colorful lives of 108 heroes are actually the ways of life.

A man should keep his mouth shut.

Tao Te Ching says, “It is better to keep the middle than to count the poor.”

A lot of times, talking too much will only get you into trouble.

Better to hold your tongue in the first place.

After all, a lot of words makes a lot of mistakes.

Li Kui is such.

When the heroes of Liangshan “elected” the master of the fortress, Song Jiang and Lu Junyi were still politely bidding farewell. Li Kui said, “If my brother (referring to Song Jiang) lets others be the master of the fortress, I will kill him.”

Chrysanthemum meeting, Song Jiang for the “Red river” the word.

The musicians are singing “Wang King decree, early to recruit an”, Li Kui will shout: “recruit an, recruit an, recruit a bird!”

Song Jiang couldn’t get off the stage.

In daily life and liangshan all good men get along, Li Kui is everywhere not to manage his mouth.

First met Song Jiang, blurt out it is “black man”, regardless of song Jiang feeling;

Go to the market to buy fish, heard that the fish to wait for the master to sell, he shouted like a shrew.

When I was a child, I read the novel Outlaws of the Marsh. What puzzled me most was: why did Li Kui, who was loyal to Song Jiang, end his life by hemming him with a cup of wine?

Now it’s clear — for Song Jiang, preserving his loyalty is a lifelong pursuit.

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