The girl with the best memory

How nice of a child to have that ability

Speaking of Sa Beining, we all know that he is a real super student with excellent academic performance.

The girl with the best memory

Unexpectedly, CCTV variety show “Challenge impossible”, became his “rolling scene”.

When asked if “drinking the northwest wind” is an idiom, he said confidently: “It is definitely not an idiom. If it is an idiom, I will eat my card…”

Unexpectedly, such a strange word is really an idiom.Not only Sa Beining, we are all surprised in front of the screen.

Faced with the same challenge, liu Yuxuan, an 11-year-old girl, took almost 20 seconds to find an idiom. She was the first to quickly identify 51 idioms from 400 randomly scrambled Chinese characters.

This is not the first time that Liu Yuxuan, known as “Xiao Wu Yishu,” has amazed people. Her profound knowledge of Chinese is another perfect interpretation of what it means to be “full of poetry and books in the belly.”

Liu said her “secret to growing up” is that she likes reading, especially books on history and traditional culture.

How important is reading?

Dou Guimei, principal of Tsinghua Attached Primary School, said bluntly: children who do not read are potentially poor students.

How much do children with poor reading skills suffer?

Parents often leave messages saying that their children are at a loss to read the 1.45 million words required by the new curriculum after they enter primary school.

Buy lots of extra-curricular books for your child to read, only to have more problems:

Children only play with phones and tablets, never read books;

Reading can not concentrate, a reading will be sleepy, tired, hungry;

You read a lot, but when you finish it you forget everything.

The children with weak reading and comprehension ability cannot understand the test questions in the exam and fail to complete the test paper, and then lose the interest in reading and learning, which may have an impact on the children’s life.

If your child is between the ages of 3 and 5, it’s the perfect time to start reading. Don’t miss it.

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  1. Reading is a good way to stimulate intelligence, and children’s cognitive abilities should be developed as early as possible.

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