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Would rather be lonely than against the heart

Between people, the most comfortable relationship, is not the information seconds back, but, although you do not seconds back my information, but I still firmly believe that you take me care.


The most comfortable relationship is always the sense of security provided by the other party, which is formed through long-term accumulation, mutual trust and mutual care.

In this world, there is such a person to make you feel at ease?


The poet Gu Cheng said:


The wind in its leaves, the grass in its seeds, we stand without talking, it is very beautiful.


Let you peace of mind, with him at your side, is the quiet years.


You went through a lot of ups and downs, but he never left.


After getting along with each other day and night, there have been many quarrels, but he is still around.


In this world, people are fickle, and the world is febrile.A lot of passersby around, for you to stay under the people are very few.There are few people who stay for you, who really stay the same through the years.


The most comfortable getting along than, some people as long as in your side, you will feel warm;Some people will stand by you through thick and thin.


If there is such a person, get along with the most comfortable, the heart at ease.


The two of you, each with one wing, hug each other and you can fly very high and very far.


Even if he sometimes doesn’t respond to your messages, you can be sure he’s either not reading them or he’s too busy.

Because in life, you trust him very much, there is no doubt, he can also let you trust, there is no perfunctory.


Trust is not a day, but a year.

The person who can trust you and deserves your trust is the most precious treasure in life and the one who makes you feel the most secure.


Having seen such a sentence, I felt deeply impressed:


I flatter everyone, but still not live a good life.


In fact, when we decide to curry favor with a person, we have no confidence, know that the other side wants to go, so by way of curry favor, do the last struggle.


Does flattery work?


If used, there will be no let you wronged by the aloof and gradually far away;If there is, there will be no heart-wrenching lies and deceit, increasingly perfunctory.


Please, is undoubtedly useless.


Sue cen said:


Would rather lonely, also not against the heart;Better regret than compromise.


Do not lose their dignity, to a person careful.Because such a result, destined not to be cherished.


Don’t be who you think you are, be what you should be.People who cherish you, like you for who you are, not for who you are.


There is a line in the Green Book:


There are all kinds of people in the world, we happen to become friends, this is not fate, because we are supposed to be friends.


The coming will come, the going will go, is your eventually belong to you, not the importunate also useless.


All the feelings, always is the most comfortable.When he goes, you don’t have to tie him up for various reasons. When he comes, we will be delighted.


Most willing, is the best;Cherish each other, is long – term!

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  1. Never compromise, stick to your heart.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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