Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

Thought the rest of the guests

“Tao Te Ching” said: “content not disgrace, know not to be imperturbable, can be long.

Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

It means that if you are satisfied, you will not humiliate yourself.Know to stop, not in danger, so that it can last.

To have not for, is the gentleman’s accomplishment;A wise man takes his time when he holds his hand well.

When the moon wavers, the water overflows. When enough is enough, there will be a happy ending.

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“The Book of Changes” says, “The chaos of the birth, then the language of order.Prince is not secret, then lost minister;If you are not secret, you will lose your virginity.”

In short, is the truth from the mouth, can not be careless.

The person who occupies the top position, does not speak will lose the heart;For those below you, speaking indiscreetly will do you harm.

There is a person to treat, time has passed, many guests still have not come.

The host is very anxious to say: “should come of how still don’t come?”

Some guests thought to themselves, “So I shouldn’t have come?”

And they all left the table.

Puzzled, the host said, “You shouldn’t have left. Why did you leave again?”

The rest of the guests thought to themselves, “So we’re the ones who should go?”

Everyone left.

If it wasn’t for his gossip, he wouldn’t have offended the crowd.

The ancients cloud: “the speaker has no intention, hearer has heart.”

What you can say and what you can’t depends largely on who you listen to.

Better to have nothing to say than to say much. The more you say, the more you look for trouble.

Only by knowing what to say can we solve the disaster in formless.

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The Tao Te Ching says, “Sin is greater than desire, disaster is greater than discontent, and guilt is greater than desire. So contentment is always sufficient.”

True abundance is not the filling of desires, but the learning of contentment.

Man will only sink deeper and deeper in his desire, bringing endless calamities.

Once upon a time there was a poor old couple who fished and caught a magic goldfish.

The goldfish promised the old man his wish in return for his freedom.

The old man asks nothing, the old woman asks nothing.

She wanted a wooden basin, because the one in the house was so rotten that she could no longer use it.

Then she wanted a wooden house, she wanted to be a lady, she wanted to be a queen.

The goldfish all satisfied her, but she also want to do the master of the sea, let the goldfish forever.

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  1. True enrichment is not the satisfaction of desire, but the satisfaction of learning.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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