Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

The principles of life are inseparable

“Hu Zi Zhi Yan · King Wen” said, “One can strengthen his will by acting earnestly.”

In doing things prudently, one can strengthen one’s will.

Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

Through the ages, those who have achieved great things have been prudent.

People who know how to act prudently often have great self-restraint. Even if there are many temptations, they can remain unmoved, stick to their principles and never forget their original intention.

During the Ming Dynasty, an official named Cao Ding caught a beautiful woman thief during an operation to catch thieves.

On his way back to the county government, he had to spend the night in a shabby temple.

When the dead of night, the woman repeatedly seduced Cao Ding, in the face of a beautiful woman, Cao Ding’s heart is also by not.

But the principle in his mind reminded him not to do so, so Cao Ding wrote on the paper: “Not Cao Ding.”

He burned and burned the paper many times, and at last passed the night safely.

In this materialistic world, we will face too many temptations. One careless thought may lead us into danger.

Only by keeping a clear mind and keeping one’s duty can one stand higher and go further.

Know how to act carefully, not only is a grace, but also the heart of free and easy and magnanimous.


Zeng Guofan once said: “Prudence alone is peace of mind.”

In this journey of life, the principles of life can not leave a moment, even if a single person, but also adhere to the principles, abide by the moral.

In the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a minister named Yang Zhen. He was an honest official with clean hands.

once, meet old friends wang Mi on business, Wang Mi for the gratitude of the time, the night with one hundred thousand two gold to visit Yang Zhen.

Yang Zhen refused decisively, and Wang Mi said, “It’s getting dark and no one knows.”

Yang Zhen replied, “God knows, you know, I know. How can nobody know?”

After hearing this, Wang Mi felt ashamed and went home. This is the famous “Yang Zhen Si Zhi” in history.

Lu Jiuyuan, a famous philosopher in the Southern Song Dynasty, once said, “You should not deceive yourself.

Cautious people, no matter when and where, will not cater to others, let alone indulge themselves when alone.

They have a reverence for all things in the world. They usually regulate their words and deeds, reflect on their behavior, and act in a way worthy of heaven, earth, and heart.

Shendu, is a realm of life, in solitude to maintain the self, at the same time in the solitude of continuous self-improvement.

Laozi said, “If you are careful at the beginning, nothing will go wrong.”

Do everything from the beginning to the end, carefully, so that there will be no mistakes and failure.

In dealing with people, it is very important to be careful.

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