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It’s a very responsible thing to do to speak seriously

In the Book of Rites, the Doctrine of the Mean, it is said that “nothing is obvious when it is hidden, so a gentleman should be careful of his own independence.”

A true gentleman is prudent and sober, even where others cannot see or hear him.


Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

“Lian Bi” said: “To cultivate their own mind for the sake of, the world to prudently speak first.”

Cultivate yourself, with inner quietness at the head;Caution is the first rule in life.

Walking in the world, only know how to speak carefully, in order to go further and better.

Zeng Guofan, an important official in the late Qing Dynasty, was very outspoken when he first entered official circles. He suffered a lot because he did not understand what he said, and once he almost lost his life.

After being reminded by his friends and reflecting on himself, Zeng guofan realized his mistakes, recorded the language he expressed every day, and kept pondering over it.

So return to officialdom Zeng Guofan, in officialdom like a fish in water, both ways, made a lot of achievements.

In the Book of Changes, there is a saying, “Those who are good to you should not give up.”

The higher the spiritual level of the people more cautious, see through but do not say, know people but do not judge people.

Careful speech is a very responsible practice, it is not talking back, not silence, but after calm thinking of the measure and reason.

In this life, speaking is instinct, speaking is ability.

To be discreet is a kind of wisdom and the highest accomplishment on the road of life.


“Hu Zi Zhi Yan · King Wen” said, “One can strengthen his will by acting earnestly.”

In doing things prudently, one can strengthen one’s will.

Through the ages, those who have achieved great things have been prudent.

People who know how to act prudently often have great self-restraint. Even if there are many temptations, they can remain unmoved, stick to their principles and never forget their original intention.

During the Ming Dynasty, an official named Cao Ding caught a beautiful woman thief during an operation to catch thieves.

On his way back to the county government, he had to spend the night in a shabby temple.

When the dead of night, the woman repeatedly seduced Cao Ding, in the face of a beautiful woman, Cao Ding’s heart is also by not.

But the principle in his mind reminded him not to do so, so Cao Ding wrote on the paper: “Not Cao Ding.”

He burned and burned the paper many times, and at last passed the night safely.

In this materialistic world, we will face too many temptations. One careless thought may lead us into danger.

Only by keeping a clear mind and keeping one’s duty can one stand higher and go further.

Know how to act carefully, not only is a grace, but also the heart of free and easy and magnanimous.

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  1. Walk in the world, only know to speak carefully, can walk better.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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