Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

Peace of mind is security

Cameron’s “Titanic” was a hit, but if he had been impetuous and hadn’t been dormant since then, he would have fallen into the great glory and fame, which would not have been the blockbuster “Avatar.”

Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

In order to create the Ordinary World, Lu Yao shut himself up in a coal cave for several years, isolating himself from all the noises of the outside world, and quietly cultivating his spiritual home in his heart. This is how he wrote the amazing work.

Van Gogh, the Dutch painter, is also admired for his devotion to his art and his ability to endure loneliness in his ordinary life.

Their success is all due to their inner quietness. They always refuse the impetuous entry of the outside world, thus gaining their own spiritual clarity.

People who are quiet at heart tend to be able to resist arrogance and impetuosity and move on slowly.They have learned that a steady stream is far safer and longer lasting than a rolling tide.

The quiet person knows that real success is only an illusion.

Only down-to-earth, conscientious, in order to build this fortress of life, invincible.

A moment of glory, gorgeous only in an instant.Eternal light, gentle and not dazzling.”A lock to a golden cage is not as good as singing in the woods.”

Even if the world is noisy and busy, as long as the heart is quiet, learn to cultivate heddle chrysanthemum in the spiritual garden, refuse impetuosity, you will be able to dye a dust fragrance, find a lifetime of peace.

Peace of mind, from see all light

What is peace of mind?

Peace of mind is the sense of security from the heart.

Someone said: “security comes from looking down on everything.”

Most of the time, people entrust their so-called sense of security to abundant materials or impermanent emotions.

It seems that as long as you get one of them, you will feel that you have no place to put your heart, and you will find something to rely on for life.

Trust the sense of security in the material, riches and honour, everything is not worried.But once down and out, it will be easy to mess up.

The sense of security in the emotional, deep love, feel the whole world is warm and lovely.But once do not love, will feel the whole life is dull.

We are full of joy when we have it, but we are in turmoil when we lose it.

It’s easy to get be swayed by considerations of gain and loss if you take everything too seriously.

Little do you know that life is inconstant, come and go sometimes, nothing, is invariable.

Only do not expect him to think, do not rely on others, will be prosperous thousands of one by one look down, with an ordinary state of mind to treat all things, the heart will be truly safe and assured.

Don’t expect to get, will not be afraid to lose.Do not rely on emotion, will not fear loneliness.

If you have no distractions, where will you get dust?

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  1. Only down to earth, due diligence can be in an invincible position.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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