Mentality, years, life,

It is said that a prime minister can punt a boat

In a hurry, a few decades, morning and evening, sometimes.

Years of surprise, fleeting, but is a blooming time.

Mentality, years, life,

Open, hard, life is always impermanent.Put down, not put down, the seasons still change.

A man’s state of mind determines his situation.

The so-called one thought of heaven, one thought of hell, the same thing, different state of mind, will create different outcomes.

If you want to bother in the hustle and bustle, get peace, not afraid, it is necessary to cultivate a heart, as broad as the sea, as serene as the Bodhi, as firm as the mountains.

How wide the heart, how wide the road

A wide heart makes a wide road.

It is said that Jin Dongxin, an outstanding painter in the Qing Dynasty, was not only a master painter, but also a gentle and tolerant person.At that time, there was a literati named Wang Zheng, who was jealous of Jin Dongxin and wanted to denigrate her paintings.

A gathering of people, drinking poetry, wine to half intoxication, with catkins for poems against the title.Wang zheng wants to be the first, blurted out: “Flying willow catkins for pieces of red.”

Catkins are obviously white, but how can they be red?When everyone is amazed that he has no common sense, Jin Dongxin claps his hands and adds “the setting sun shines on the peach blossom crossing” before him, instantly solving Wang zheng’s embarrassment.

Jin dong xin forgives the past and rescues Wang Zheng, who has always been against him. With a broad mind, He shames Wang Zheng and wins the admiration and respect of all.

Wu Gang said, “Mind is better than body, and house is wider than heart.”

Broad-minded people, generous, little care, everywhere for the sake of others, it is easy to make the world.Even if the foot is only a narrow path, it can be out of the glory.

On the contrary, narrow-minded people, selfish and calculating, always care about others, always think of themselves first, the road under their feet will be more narrow.

It is said that a prime minister can punt a boat with a generous heart and a fat body.

If the heart is as broad as the sea, can accept all rivers, how much bother the world, are just a drop in the ocean, not worth mentioning.

The vastness of the heart, such as heaven and earth.How wide the heart, how wide the road.

Inner quiet, refuse impetuous

Impetuous, is to destroy the inner peace of the assassin’s mace.

At the same time, it is also a way station that prevents people from travelling long distances.

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  1. Peace of mind and refuse to be impetuous.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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