Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

The grief and indignation of the eight climbers

Yu Qiuyu once said that there are white eyes in the paintings of Eight Mountain people that make heaven and earth one of the cold.

Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

Indeed, the style of his series of animal paintings is particularly obvious: on a plain white drawing paper, large white Spaces are left, and the lone fish in the water and the lone bird on the branch are all rolling their eyes unbridled at people.

These eyes look askance with arrogance, but also with helpless disdain and resentment.

The grief and anger of the eight Mountaineers were always there, but they did not hold back their madness as before. Instead, he drew them in a generous way, fighting and dispelling the pain in a way of four strokes and a thousand pounds.

At that time, people did not understand the anger and loneliness in the hearts of Eight mountain people, plus he was not good at managing his own life, the painting was always taken away, and the people who took the painting often did not understand the value of the painting.

Through the world of smoke, can fall to the world of vanity.

Posterity across the history of the past, know eight Mountain men of high artistic attainments.From the “Yangzhou eight eccentric artists” to Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian and Pan Tianshou, zhu Da’s painting style was deeply influenced by them.

More than 300 years have passed, and his paintings, with their mysterious connotations, have left one mystery after another for posterity.Especially in the 21st century, more and more favored by the world.

In 2010, “Bamboo stone Mandarin Duck” by Badaishanren sold at auction in Hangzhou for 119 million yuan.”Three Friends of The Cold” sold for 168 million yuan in Beijing.

In those days, the eight mountain people wanted a friend but could not. Now, some people should be able to read his paintings.

Eight mountain people in the first half of life difficult to suppress, the second half of life gradually become free and easy.

What is true freedom?I was not born to lead a successful and arbitrary life, nor did I use my power to do whatever I wanted.

True freedom, must be experienced years of wash, experienced the peak and trough of life, experienced the unremittingly thinking and introspection to achieve the realm.

Those who can’t beat you will make you stronger

Throughout baishanren’s life, his thoughts, feelings and artistic interests might have disappeared if there had been no change of family and country, no tragic life and no fierce conflict between the individual and the environment.

Injustice and equity are mixed in the destiny of each of us.

No one has ever earned anything without pains. If you don’t want to suffer, you have to work hard.

In the face of the injustice of fate, instead of complaining, it is better to turn a voice of grief and anger into a soft one.

Coming from the wind and rain, looking back, you know: those who can not beat you, will make you stronger!

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  1. Those who can’t beat you, just make you stronger.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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