Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

These four words are written in strokes

Some said he was really mad and dumb;Some people said that he was crazy because his country was ruined and his family was ruined.Others say he played the fool because he was unwilling to cooperate with the Qing Court.

What the truth is is unknown.

Outlook on life, education, attitude, erudition

Retreating to the later period of Buddhism, Zhu da began to spend his spare time painting flowers and birds.

At that time, as a monk, he often compared himself to an ancient painting monk. He once said to his friend, “From now on, my brother, I will go straight through my retirement and put my eyes in line.”

Although he is a monk, he still finds it difficult to shed his wild nature.

He did not look at a picture of the two hundred ounces of gold placed before him by some noble personages;Someone came to the painting with silk and satin, and he took it and said I could make socks.

But as soon as he found a bosom friend, he would not hesitate to give him a masterpiece which had taken many days.

At this time his paintings had not yet fully developed their own style.

As for painting, it is just to “diffuse the heart to fill the sky”, to pour the heart of the block.

There is always a section of life, we need to trek through teeth: disillusionment, career failure, life and death…

What if there’s no way out?To believe that any experience, get over, is life.Just a few more steps!As long as the life still exists, no matter what happens, wait for a while, it is behind the scenery.

Free and easy, finally to the artistic landscape

In the lonely life, Zhu da began to enter his old age.At this time, the rule of the Qing Dynasty had been consolidated, and the contradictions between the Manchu and Han dynasties had been weakened.

Zhu Da went back to life.He once lived in Beilan Temple and Kaiyuan Temple near Nanchang. Later, he built a shabby house near Beilan Temple called Jianxiang Song Thatched Cottage.

After the age of 60, he began to sign “Eight Mountain People” in his paintings and calligraphy works.

The four characters were written in a series of strokes like “crying” and “laughing”.So what is the “Big Eight”?

Later generations have interpreted it as “Zhu da”, which means “Ba Da” when one “niu” and one “ear” are removed, while “niu er” also refers to the political power. Zhu Da, a follower of the Ming Dynasty whose ancestors were invaded by foreign nationalities, became an outlaw from then on.

It can be seen from the signature that the badaishanren in his later years still retained his stubborn royal temperament, but he had already taken off his willfulness between the brush and ink, and his art was approaching to a state of transformation.

In terms of life, Badaishanren still lived a rough life, but these years of experience made him abandon too much heaviness and depression in his old age, instead, he precipitated free and easy and happy after inner balance.

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  1. Freedom and ease have finally arrived in the art world.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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