How to grasp children’s language

Recently, a 5-year-old boy has become so popular that he has become a huge fan of moms.

He is Wang Hengyi, a cute baby from Qingdao.At a young age, I know more than 3,000 Chinese characters and can recite more than 580 poems.

In the fifth season of The Chinese Poetry Conference, he not only slings off all the contestants, but is also praised by CCTV famous mouth Sa Beining as a “walking little Chinese poetry library”.

When faced with the poetry challenge: “_ _ _ knows nothing, _ _ _ also _ _,” the audience was stunned and couldn’t answer.

Five-year-old Wang Hengyi stunned the crowd when he blurted out, “Even when the sky is clear and there is no rain, even when you go deep into the clouds, your clothes will be touched.”

See so excellent Wang Hengyi, parents are greatly amazed: how such a strong child is to train out?

Through the interview, we know that Wang Hengyi’s family condition is very common, and his excellence comes from his family’s leading educational concept.

In short, 14 words:

Reading enlightenment to be as early as possible, classic content is the key!

How much do children with poor reading skills suffer?

Parents often leave messages saying that their children are at a loss to read the 1.45 million words required by the new curriculum after they enter primary school.

Buy lots of extra-curricular books for your child to read, only to have more problems:

Children only play with phones and tablets, never read books;

Reading can not concentrate, a reading will be sleepy, tired, hungry;

You read a lot, but when you finish it you forget everything.

The children with weak reading and comprehension ability cannot understand the test questions in the exam and fail to complete the test paper, and then lose the interest in reading and learning, which may have an impact on the children’s life.

If your child is between the ages of 3 and 5, it’s the perfect time to start reading. Don’t miss it.

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  1. Give children reading enlightenment as soon as possible, let them accept Chinese traditional culture as soon as possible.

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