Asking your child these five questions every day after school can change a child's life

We may criticize the cowardly incompetence

Criticism is like ice water, praise is like hot compress. The temperature of each other is different, but both of them are healing means.Criticism can make us awake, awe-inspiring, deeply reflect on our own mistakes, and burst forth with excitement to advance.Praise is like a warm bath, which raises the blood in a fervor of exuberance.

Asking your child these five questions every day after school can change a child's life

But criticism and praise in public involve not only the whipping and encouragement of the immediate object, but also the reactions of others who are listening at the same time.Not to mention the usual tactics used by leaders: criticism of one person is usually criticism of everyone else, and praise of one person is silent encouragement to most people.As for parents, in the presence of their own children, they frequently refer to the conduct of others’ children, whether praising or criticizing, and even the most naive child knows that this is not an innuendo of drunkenness.

Criticism and praise are always two-edged swords.Good use, sharp, cut a path of access, let us move forward quickly.Improper use may hurt themselves and others, dropping a string of dripping blood.

I think that in children there is no need to be too rigid in praising or criticizing whatever part of genius belongs to them.Just like the beauty of the rose and the softness of the grass, there is a strong and irresistible providence in them. No matter how hard the individual tries, the range of change will not be great, or even nothing.Roses never turn green, and grass never smells.

The same goes for people.We are all born with a lot of traits, and each of us is different.For example, the appearance of the handsome ugly, the height of the body, the size of strength, IQ level……In this category, there is no need to praise or criticize too much.Praising how beautiful this child is and how smart that child is will not help others to learn purposelessly and turn others’ merits into their own. Instead, it will breed resentment among the unpraised children and breed inexplicable superiority among those who are praised.Criticism is the same. It taunts the child for being stupid and taunts the child for being stupid. They have no choice but to be pessimistic and depressed, and maybe give up on themselves.Other children, who have gained unwarranted pride from such criticism, may become complacent and slackened their efforts.

Criticism and praise should be the main gallop of the territory, should be the human strength can reach the scope and depth.They are gauges of attitude rather than spectroscopes of aptitude.We can criticize a child for his laziness rather than his intelligence.We may commend the girl on the cleanliness of her handkerchief, rather than on her fine dress.We may criticize the cowardly incompetence of the deserter without alluding to congenital malady or infirmity.

We can praise the strength and agility of a trained mind without worrying too much about the heredity of tall and mighty…

Inappropriate criticism and praise, like ice water too cold and steam too hot, can do damage to our spirit.The skin and soul of children and young people are more delicate and delicate.Their ability to repair themselves is not tenacious enough, if the damage is too deep, will leave a lifelong imprint, every rainy day will be intermittent pain.A scar left behind impairs the splendor and beauty of life.

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  1. Criticism and praise are always two sharp swords, good use, keen, cut into the channel, let us quickly forward.Thanks for sharing the article, this article content is very rich, has brought great influence and inspiration.

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