Education, parents, higher education

The most terrible thing is never to fail or fall behind

Some people say that the biggest anxiety in education is that others are in the “chicken baby”, I can not even blood……Not necessarily.

Education, parents, higher education

Friend’s son, learning talent is not high, love to play, the college entrance examination more than 400 points, not to the undergraduate score line.Friends want to send their children to a famous secondary school outside the province, to spend hundreds of thousands of donations to the school to enter.

“Can he not go to a good school, where the environment forces him to do so and everyone else does?”

“I said:” he must go to the bottom, can not keep up, the mentality may collapse, as a more suitable for the school.

The friend listened to the advice, changed to send the child to the city’s good high school, the second year’s grades also improved a lot.

It takes more wisdom to find what suits you than to follow the crowd.

The scrabble under the scroll can bring some sense of security, but this sense of security may not be really safe.

You go to the most crowded place, it must be a stampede competition.This can be a trap for inner rolls.

Put the vision long to the child’s life, than focus on a point of achievement is more important.

Parents should not be on/off switches, transmitting stress directly to their children;

The parent should be the container, holding the child, holding the child.

His relatives have two sons.

One was for 2005, and one was for 2009.

When my eldest son applied for the job, accounting was gaining momentum. He studied accounting, but his major was limited and his work was bottlenecked.

When my second son applied for the volunteer, civil engineering was a hot topic. He applied for the computer according to his preference. In the sophomore year, he transferred to the department of Civil engineering according to the arrangement of his parents, but later he regretted it.

Everyone in the scroll, the most terrible is never failure and behind, but buried in the effort to find:

The world has changed.

Chen Jining, former president of Tsinghua University, said there are many “Type A students” on Campus, but the future society needs “Type X students” the most.

Compared with the “A” students with good grades, the “X” students are not necessarily the top students, but they have more comprehensive abilities, can adapt to changes, and are hard to beat.

The wisest parents see the changeless more than the changeless.

What has changed is the inner scroll society, and what has not changed is every quality that can lead children to happiness: firmness, courage, persistence, concentration…

The world is full of roads, but we have to choose our own steps.

Go steady, go far.

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  1. Life is really something that needs to be worked on slowly and created with your hands.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection is very valuable.

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