Learning at the wrong age may be twice as effective

Learning at the wrong age can be twice as effective

The scarier thing is not the competition, but the parents are dragged down, the children lose themselves.

Learning at the wrong age may be twice as effective

Zhang Xinyang was once one of China’s most famous gifted children.

At the age of two and a half, it took him three months to learn more than one thousand Chinese characters.The father found the child clever and spared no effort to educate him.

At the age of four, he went to the first grade of primary school. At six, he went to the fifth grade. At nine, he went directly to the third grade.

Zhang Xinyang, the young man, has consistently advanced grades, but his mental age has not changed.

At thirteen, he became addicted to the computer.No interpersonal skills at all.Since then, Mr Zhang has been disgraced.

If the step-by-step examination, with his talent, the future will not be bad.

The “false start” in advance may seem fast at first, but life is a marathon, leading for a while, not necessarily leading for a lifetime.

When a six-year-old girl developed tourette’s, her mother sought help from a therapist.

The therapist found that although the girl was young, her mother had enrolled her child in many training classes, including writing, arithmetic and homework.

But the child hand fine movement has not developed completely, one to two, will have to twitch.

At the therapist’s suggestion, the mother stopped the child’s training and the child returned to normal.

Many parents know about the famous twin ladder climbing experiment.

In 1929, Geisel, an American pediatrician, chose a pair of identical twins and conducted a ladder climbing experiment.

One did 10 minutes of stair climbing every day starting at 46 weeks.The other did not begin the same training until 52 weeks old.

During the first week, the babies who trained late crawled more slowly.But within a few days, the babies who had been training for only two weeks were climbing the stairs faster than the babies who had been training for eight weeks.

Inside the volume of education ahead of time, may be effective, but may not be meaningful in the long run.

Learning at the wrong age may be twice as effective.

In their book Self-esteem, psychologists Matthew McKay and Patrick Fanning describe a type of person:

Some people see themselves as empty shell, think that their own no value;They are only valuable if they have achieved something.

This is called “empty shell syndrome”.

Anxiety, depression, and shell problems are on the rise among today’s children, and stress is not uncommon.

It is sad for children that only the best are worthy of being loved.The fullness of their heart is their most powerful weapon against the world.

As a parent, accurate judgment, more than “chicken baby” need wisdom.

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  1. As a parent, it takes more wisdom to judge accurately than to make decisions.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection is very valuable.

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