Education, parents, higher education

The inner roll is divided by age and region

Some parents, from the child was born three days, began to queue in a Kindergarten in Pudong, and finally did not line up.

Education, parents, higher education

Good luck on the line, but also draw lottery.The first lottery ticket in a child’s life is less likely than winning a Beijing license plate.

The interviews and written tests that followed were also “workplace” levels: “leaderless group discussions” and “hidden interviews,” each of which tested both the child and the parent.

Lian used to be the top scorer in the high school entrance examination, a student of Tsinghua University and a graduate of Harvard University. He was a well-known v@daozi with a company valuation of 70 million yuan. In 2016, he applied for kindergarten enrollment in Shanghai and was passed.

When the children have not stepped into the gate of kindergarten, his eyes are surrounded by mountains, more than a mountain high.

By comparison, every month tens of thousands of tuition fees, is not a problem.

Think this is about a small elite?

Shanghai is a preschool group of parents, more ruthless than Haidian parents.

The “application system” shall be implemented for group addition, and the “minimum criteria for group admission” shall be clearly listed

Even a haidian mother, who graduated from Tsinghua University, was rejected

The inner roll is divided by age and by region.

Third-tier and fourth-tier middle schools, second-tier primary schools, and Beishang Guangshen kindergarten are the majority of the current situation.

Compared with Hong Kong, these are small potatoes.

In Hong Kong’S TVB documentary “No Starting Line”, in order to cope with the competition of kindergarten, the mother of an ordinary family, six months to the baby tutoring class.

Good optics is not enough.

Study must be different from others to be competitive.

How much is enough?

You have to learn 20 when others learn 10.

What level is enough to learn?

People at level 8 can also learn. To go to primary school, you have to get acting level.

What musical instrument is better to learn?

Ordinary Musical Instruments can be thought of by others.

You have to learn an unpopular instrument that no one else is learning so you can play it.

Seeing these parents “jump the gun”, some parents could not sit still.

It’s important to think about what the original intention was.

Take the newspaper class for example, in order to give children to develop good habits, can;If it’s because everyone else is doing it and we’re doing it, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Visionary parents, it’s important to push your child, but it’s even more important to do it the right way.

The scarier thing is not the competition, but the parents are dragged down, the children lose themselves.

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  1. The most terrible thing is not the competition, but the parents are dragged down and the children lose themselves.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection is very valuable.

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