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We don’t know the kindergarten’s inner roll

Anxiety, some say, is the norm in modern society.

My neighbor, who has been so anxious recently, not only signed up for tutoring, but also asked me from time to time:

Have you signed up for the XX tutorial class?

Education, parents, higher education

Hurry up!Children can’t keep up, the future will suffer.

Thinking of my children’s piles of homework, I didn’t turn it in.

Unexpectedly, a month later, the child suddenly began to talk but stopped to ask me: “Mom, you give me an English class.”

Later I learned that they got the first place in the Monthly English test.The child was anxious too.

The root of many people’s anxiety is not competition, but internal scroll.

What is an inner scroll?

For example, the best rice noodles in the canteen open at 12 o ‘clock and only 10 servings are available.

At first, those in line at 11:50 can eat;Later, some people went to the queue at 11:40, and the previous people could not eat.

In order to eat rice noodles, we have to go earlier and earlier.

It is the same in school. You stay up late to study, and I stay up late to study. Our grades have improved, and we have come back to the same level.

If someone wants to jump the gun, they have to keep adding.

This is called “internal volumes” – excessive internal competition that forces standards up.

The inner volume exists from year to year, but it varies from year to year.

We used to think that the most competitive education was the college entrance examination.

For example, in shandong, Hebei and Henan provinces, the largest number of candidates, the highest number of students with high scores and the lowest college resources = the lowest admission rate.

The students here get the grades of the best universities and get into the second best universities.

Not enough students, more and more hard, the scroll is more and more fierce.

Later, we found it more and more difficult for primary school students.

Some children sit in the back of the electric car also want to do homework

Some teachers set physics problems for the pupils

Every year, Chinese primary and secondary school students spend the most time on homework, 3.7 times that of Japan and 4.8 times that of South Korea.

Report on Homework Pressure in Primary and Secondary Schools in China

Buy school district housing, spell financial resources;

Sign up for remedial classes, spell energy;

Learn midnight, work hard.

Not to mention mathematical Olympiad and English tutorial classes.

Yi once revealed on the show that she had enrolled her children in six cram schools.

In addition to ballet, Latin, hip-hop, piano and math, the four-year-old has cooking lessons.

Many netizens said: why should a 4-year-old learn to cook?

Little do we know that the kindergarten’s inner roll has already begun.

In Shanghai, if a child wants to go to a quality kindergarten, his parents need to open all the gates and get through every gate.

After the hukou and district screening, there is a queue.Parents should be patient, because the wait is long, usually in years.

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  1. The root of many people’s anxiety is not competition, but internal rolling.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection is very valuable.

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