Feelings can't be a little forced

The teacher caught you by the ear and told you to listen

Not long ago, Tian had a confrontation with a student over his mobile phone, and the student jumped out of the building in an impulse. Luckily, he was not hurt, but it caused a great uproar.

Feelings can't be a little forced

Tian teacher was not only scolded by parents, but also criticized by the principal in the whole grade, demotion and salary reduction, once felt disheartened.

But even so, she had not the heart to ignore the children’s mistakes, let alone the responsibility of teaching.

The teacher’s severity is not terrible, because the teacher is willing to manage you, willing to be strict with you, that you are worth discipline in the teacher’s heart, that the teacher did not give up on you, willing to let you become a better person.

Teacher neglect is the most terrible, you do not learn, the teacher does not care about you, you make mistakes, the teacher does not criticize you, you do what you want to do every day, seemingly free, in fact, the future is a confused.

As the Little Prince says, “Cherish those who treat you well. They could have done otherwise.”

The teacher who has the most control over you

In fact, I love you the most

There is an old saying that goes, “All who are good and afraid are upright in mind and body, disciplined in speech, rectified to some extent, and occasionally overstep the bounds and fail to get out of order.”

Learning is hard and hard, the so-called “happiness education” is a great hoax, the child is happy now, the future will suffer.

Strict teachers produce excellent students. Nowadays, teachers are strict with their children so that they can live the life they want in the future.

The teacher is tolerant to the child now, the parents are indulgent to the child, the society will help you teach the truth of the child to be a man later!

The greatest regret in the world is “I could have.”

I could have been admitted to a good university with a promising future. If only The teacher had been strict with me.

I could have been an honest and kind person, living a plain and happy life. If only the teacher had punished me severely when I made mistakes.

As one netizen wrote on Douban:

“How I hope that one day I wake up suddenly and find that I fell asleep in a class in high school. What I am experiencing now is all a dream, and the table is full of your saliva.

The teacher picked you up by the ear and told you to listen.

You look out the window at the stadium, everything is so familiar, everything is so hopeful…”

Life is not so much if, time is impossible to turn back, do not wait until you grow up to begin to regret.

Son, your life is still long, when you grow up, you will find the world is very strict, right is right, wrong is wrong, success is success, failure is failure.

It will not encourage you, it will not comfort you, it will only bring the cruel truth directly to you.

Perhaps now the teacher’s discipline stabbed your self-esteem, let you hate, but the teacher did not mean no harm, just want to let your life on the right path, life happiness!

Fear is not known until discipline is given;With awe, know the bottom line;With the bottom line, we know right from wrong. Education is never indulgence, but constraint.

In fact, how happy it is to have a good teacher, because when a strict teacher is beside you, every wrong step can be a chance to go back.

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  1. Education is not indulgence, but fetter, is the control and restraint of children.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection is very valuable.

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