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Nothing is more terrible than a teacher’s negligence

Miao Wanqiu, played by Yu Qian in the movie “Good Teacher”, is such a teacher that students both love and hate.

In order to completely correct the ban feng, Miao Wanqiu teacher of the society at that time many of the popular trendy, such as perm, lipstick, radio, wuxia novel, break dance……All of them were banned, severely boycotted and showed no mercy.

The students hated him so much that he was praised by them as “Miao Bully Day”.

At the end of the film we can see:

The “hoodlums” become active, bright, aspiring young men;

Smoking, drinking and fighting male students, become a good student with good courage and positive energy;

“Wuxia fan” put down the hands of the novel, many years later went to the podium to pick up the textbook…

The teacher that the students hated and feared changed the fate of a group of children.

No one wants to be hated, no one wants to be a “bad guy”, and what teacher doesn’t want his students to say “Hello teacher” from the bottom of their heart every time they see him.

Rather than see their own figure in a hurry to hide, or even behind their faces to make a face, scold their own antidote gas.

But in education, there must be such a “bad guy”, in the child fell into the cliff, still spelled a life to grab the child’s hands, in the child went astray, and beat and scold the child to pull back to the right way up.

Because, “now you hate me does not matter, later you will thank me, I do not care about you now, you will really hate me for a lifetime!”

A teacher’s sternness is not to be feared

Teacher’s neglect is the most terrible

In the TV series Life of PI, tian Shanshan, a chemistry teacher, is interrupted in class by the ringing of her cell phone below.

Exasperated, the teacher put down his chalk and asked a male student to hand in his mobile phone.

Male classmate however make a point: school regulation does not allow confiscate student mobile phone.

After a moment’s silence, Tian began to say:

I tried to convince myself, too, why, why be so inhuman?

If you want to play, you can play. If you want to play for a few more months, you will forget about us.

You play your mobile phone, I read my scripture, out of sight for the net, anyway is also to earn my point of salary, I was worth for that money, with you compete?

You will be rich and dear, and you will take no money from me, and you will be a prisoner, and I will not be to blame.

But I still couldn’t convince myself.

I stand, you sit, I lecture, you listen to the teacher, you call me a teacher, I have to live up to this title, live up to this profession.

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  1. Don’t worry about the teacher’s severity, the teacher’s negligence is the most terrible.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection is very valuable.

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