Education, teachers, responsibility

The most ruthless teacher loves you the most

Every child hopes to meet a teacher who gives them no homework every day and lets them play freely without being punished or criticized even if they make mistakes.

Education, teachers, responsibility

Never lose temper, always gentle and kind.

But child, the teacher who is willing to discipline you severely is the teacher who is really good to you!

The teacher can’t be too nice to you, it will hurt you

There were always children who said, “Teacher, why are you always so strict?Why can’t you treat us better?”

What’s best for you, son?

No bottom line to tolerate you?

Pamper you without boundaries?

Such good, will only harm you!

It goes without saying that the nature of education is not happy, that there is a certain amount of pain.

Children want to grow up unfettered, do not want to go to school, do not want to learn, if really pamper the child, the child can learn little in the process of growing up, how to survive when they grow up?How do you feed yourself?

If the parents don’t discipline the child, and the teacher doesn’t discipline the child, the child will not make mistakes in the future, but the law.

Education should not blindly give in to children, because children never know what is enough, they will only tread on your bottom line.

Freedom without rules is destruction, only let the child be free within the rules, he will have greater freedom in the future.

Today, the teacher punished the child for not doing his homework, so that the child would pay more attention to his study and would not waste his good time.

Today, teachers punish children for their mistakes, so that children will know what is right and wrong, so that they will not make an irreversible mistake in the future.

Blind encouragement and tolerance, can only cultivate greenhouse flowers.

A good education must be a combination of mercy and justice, with rewards and punishments clearly defined;A good teacher is one who is strict and kind.

No one likes being a bad guy

But in education, there has to be such a “bad guy”

In everyone’s memory, there is such a teacher. He is inhuman and does not speak the truth. He criticizes you severely in front of everyone because of a little mistake, and even starts to deal with you directly.

You hated him the most, but now you thank him the most.

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  1. A good education must be a combination of kindness and justice, with clearly defined rewards and punishments.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection is very valuable.

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