love is hidden in the details

True love, not vows of eternal love, not vigour and vitality, lies in the trivial details, is willing to give you a step.

In the “Happy Trio”, Xie Nan and Wu Jing are fighting, Xi Mengyao and He Youjun are sweet conjoined twins, and Yu Qian and Bai Huiming, an old husband and wife, are more like ordinary couples.

Xie Nan asked Bai Huiming, Yu Qian teacher so funny, you must be at home Lao Le.

But the truth is, they don’t have much to say when they’re alone.All tacit understanding, all in the action.

Once Bai huiming wanted to eat a peach, but his strength was too small to open, and he did not want to hold the peach in front of the camera.

After Yu Qian sees, did not speak much, take peach to go to the kitchen to cut into small pieces directly.

Yu Qian has a hobby, is to raise pony, for this hobby every year, is expensive.

Many people wonder, is this hobby worth the money?

‘If it makes you happy, why not?’ Mr. Bai said to Mr. Yu.

Husband and wife two people are like comrades-in-arms, you give me a little warmth, I give you a little warmth, cumulatively, that is love.

We both promised when we were young that we would do anything for each other.

So why not see your partner’s needs and value the signals they send on the small stuff?

It’s a shame that a loving marriage is ruined by details.

If you really love someone, if you really cherish them, do little things for them.

Don’t underestimate these little details, they are the truth of marriage.

Don’t be lazy, don’t be silly, pay for each other, is also happy ah.

Those who make a person move and envy of marriage, it is the tender feeling that runs slowly mostly.

Similarly, hopeless marriages are mostly the accumulation of trifles.

Maybe before you walk in the door, you want to have a good life, a good conversation, a good life with him.

But everything you do after you walk in the door pushes you toward the abyss of despair.

Two people are not necessarily not in love, but there is no energy to love.

When negative emotions are at their peak, who still has reason and emotion to see the beauty of each other?

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