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A narrow street near a brothel window

I thought it was the severest derision and punishment from heaven.

Experiences, life lessons,teachings

I heard a door creak open behind me, and a geisha thrust out her beautiful, carmine face, looking straight at me, and said, Don’t your Majesty recognize me?Come on, come into the room, and you’ll see who I am.

I remember I shouted out, I want to run downstairs, but my money was pulled from behind her, don’t run, your Majesty, I am not a ghost, she said, you come, I will be as in the Big sup Palace to wait on you, don’t you a penny.

She is the loh concubine, she is really the loh concubine I dream of.

At this moment, I suddenly thought of a puzzling question, you are supposed to practice Buddha in a nunnery in Lian Zhou, why do you sell yourself here?

For seven days I slept in a convent, but on the eighth day I could not sleep, so I fled out.

During the three days I was detained in the Phoenix House, a blue lantern was hung in front of the building to refuse visitors.

The proprietress, evidently unaware of the former identity of The loh concubine, now a nine-girl, let alone that I was an exiled king, had received from loh a considerable sum of gold, and she firmly believed in my identity as a rich merchant.

I knew that Wai Fei used the most taboo remedial method in the brothel, so that I could wash away the dust on the road in this place with a lot of money.

The problem finally came to me. After a long period of cloud and rain, I was dubious about the plump white body beside me. I could always detect the smell and shadow left by other men on Wai’s body.

It almost drove me mad with pain.

A beautiful girl who once ran like a bird by the royal river.

Now really like a bird gone, leaving only a reduced faint smelly body.

I still remember that on the third night, the moonlight was still far away, the narrow street near the window of the brothel was quiet, and the Concubine on the embroidered bed was still asleep.

I gently took the red ropa out of her hand, and on that red ropa, under the moonlight on a summer night in Xiangxian, I wrote a last farewell poem for Her and left it by her pillow.

“Secret History of Sup Palace” depicts me as an incompetent king who relies on his concubine to make a living. In fact, I only stayed in Xiangxian for three days. In fact, I went to Pinzhou City to look for a variety troupe.

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