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Even in times of turmoil and disaster

Then came a sad moment when the blacksmith husband and wife and Yanlang embraced and wail. The sound of forged iron in the iron workshops of The City stopped abruptly, and many naked or cloth-wrapped blacksmiths crowded to Yanlang’s door, eagerly watching every detail of the reunion between father and son.

Experiences, life lessons,teachings

The blacksmith’s father, with tears in his eyes, and a sigh in the air, said you would come home rich, and buy land and build houses and tombs and temples, and who would have thought you would come back empty-handed?

What can be done later?A useless person, can not shoulder, hand can not carry, later can only rely on dad to support you.

The craftsmen in the workshop all called me Liu Childe.

All the people in The city, including Yanlang’s parents, have a lot of speculation and discussion about my coming, but they all follow Yanlang and call me Liu Childe.

I think people will not believe Yan Lang’s statement that I am here to avoid engagement, but my real identity is beyond the imagination of these ordinary people.

Through the wooden window, I could see Yanlang squatting on the side of the well in the backyard, doing laundry. In the wooden basin were all my clothes and trousers soaked with sweat.

In the first few days when I arrived at the iron workshop, those clothes were washed and washed by Yanlang’s mother, but later she threw my clothes out of the basin. The woman’s acrid voice made me feel on tenterhooks.

It’s hard for you, Yanlang.

Now I’m a hopeless subaltern like you.

You don’t have to follow me and take care of me as you used to.Maybe it’s time for me to learn to be a plebeian. It’s time for me to get back on the road.

Where does your Majesty wish to go?

Go to the circus, go to the master. How could you forget that?

But we saw no sign of the jugglers along the way, and the buskers were so erratic that where would your Majesty find them?

South, or southwest, if I follow fate’s directions, I shall always find them.

I a person ran out from Yanlang’s home, sold his hang on the front of a leopard shaped jade ring.

July fire, I wear a pair of tattered grass shoes through the country’s hinterland, via Bai, yun, Mo, bamboo, lotus, incense, lotus three states four counties, this area of river branches, green mountains and trees, scenery qingli pleasant.

Xiang County in the history of the state of Xie has been a famous place of passion.

Even in the turbulent and disastrous years, red lights still hang high and string music keeps rising in the song building of the town’s prostitute community.

However, my footsteps were urgently wandering around the streets of Xiangxian, hoping to find a cheap and soft dream bed.

If I knew there would be this sad encounter by chance, I would never detour ten miles to xiangxian, but I just came, just walked into the Phoenix Jiao Lou.

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  1. In times of turmoil and uneasiness, we should keep a positive heart to overcome difficulties and embrace a wonderful life.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection is very valuable.

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