Yanlang knelt on the ground and began to cry

Yan Lang fell on her knees and cried

My commoner’s career began in this sweltering summer.

Now Yan Lang and I were dressed in cloth, and I was riding on the back of a donkey, looking up at the white light of the sky and looking around at the scene of war.

Yanlang knelt on the ground and began to cry

Yanlang walked ahead with his mule and money on his back, and I followed this god-given and loyal servant, who would take me to his home in Quarry County. I had no choice but to follow.

The site where the cutting path was encountered was 30 miles south of Quarry County.

The robbery took place in a very short time, and I saw a masked man thrust his knapsack from his donkey’s back with the point of a knife, and hurl it at another fellow who was still in his saddle; for it was so simple and easy in the face of two weak and helpless travellers.

Then the masked man approached Yanlang, after a few words of questioning tore open Yanlang’s blouse.

I heard Yanlang pleading with them in a desperate, desperate voice, but the bandit cut the girdle off his waistband without meaning to.

My mind was blank, I was still sitting on the pavement, and the only reality I knew was that they had taken all my money, and now we were penniless.

How can I have the face to go home when I have no money?

Yanlang suddenly lifted up his hand and slapped himself in the face. He said, “I really deserve to die. I thought your Majesty was still your Majesty, and I thought I was still a big eunuch in charge of something.

Yan Lang hid his face and cried. He ran towards the donkey with his hands stroking the back of the donkey, which was empty. He said, “What shall I take to honor my parents, what shall I take to buy a house and buy a place for you?

We went back to Yanlang’s hometown, covered with dust and empty. Someone recognized Yanlang near The city of Bai Tie. The woman with the rice bowl looked over the back of the donkey from under the eaves of the door and pointed with chopsticks at Yanlang, with some whispered remarks.

What are they saying about you?I asked Yanlang to lead the donkey, and Yanlang replied with embarrassment, saying, “Why is the donkey’s back empty? Why did they take a white-faced childe home? They don’t seem to know anything about the city.

Yanlang’s house was actually a noisy and crowded iron workshop.

Yanlang went straight up to a hunchbacked old blacksmith who was busy with hardening, and fell on his knees. The old blacksmith was puzzled.

Dad, it’s baby Yanlang, it’s Yanlang coming home.

I heard yanlang’s SOB. All the people in the iron workshop put down their work and crowded around yanlang.

You are not Yanlang, my son Yanlang served the emperor in the Jisub Palace. Now he has become very successful, eating rare birds and delicious food, and wearing silk and silk.

The old blacksmith looked at the Yanlang at his feet with a disdainful smile on his face.

I stood in front of the shop across the street, watching an unexpected scene in the iron workshop.

Yanlang knelt on the ground and began to cry. I saw him suddenly take off his cloth pants and cry wildly. Dad, look at this, it is you who castrate me with your hot knife.

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