Zhao Mian personally raised the double Eagle Blue flag

Zhao Mian himself raised the double eagle blue flag

The crowd suddenly found that the sky ahead was red.The Pengguo people set fire to the Jisub Palace.When the people of the capital were brought to the gate of the palace, the wooden beams of the gate of the light sub had been raised with fiery tongues of fire.Peng Bing ordered the crowd to stand as wild geese to watch the fire sub palace.

Zhao Mian personally raised the double Eagle Blue flag5

An elderly military official announced their victory in the battle of Xie Peng with a loud and furious voice:

People of The state of Xie, look at the huge fire all over the sky, look at how your dirty and lost palace is destroyed, look at how your weak and poor little country is crowned as the sovereign state of Peng!

I vaguely heard the despondent voices in jisob Palace, but with the crazy spread of the fire, the whole palace turned into a brilliant sea of fire, the loud noise of the burning and collapsing of the tower hall covered the cries and cries of the palace people.

It was the place where I was born and grew up, the place where I stored the other half of my life, my joys and my SINS.

I put my sleeve over my nose to keep out the choking smoke, trying to remember it before it was gone,

Recall the magnificence of the famous eight halls and sixteen halls of SOP Palace, recall the six palaces and golden couches, recall every court story when I was the king, but my thoughts suddenly stagnated, what emerged in my eyes was the real fire of SOP Palace, except the fire.

My ears were filled with the mournful wail of the finch as ever.

The sixth generation of Sub Wang Duanwen died in the fire of sub Palace.When Duan Wen was in the throne for only six years, he was the youngest and the most unlucky king in all the dynasties.

Later historians generally believe that Duan Wen was the ruler of a subjusted country and that it was his arrogance, arrogance and confidence that destroyed a beautiful country.

I became an outsider.This spring I dreamed many times of Duan Wen, my half brother, my natural enemy.

In the dream we drink peacefully together, the long battle for the black panther and dragon crown finally comes to an end, and we find that both sides are fooled by history.

On the 9th day of the 3rd lunar month, all the territory of The State of SOP, 17 states and 80 counties, were swept by the 10,000 people of Peng.

Wang Zhao-mian, a legendary great man of the generation, stood on the ruins of The Great SOP Palace. Zhao Mian personally raised the double Eagle Blue flag of The Peng State, and then solemnly declared that the corrupt and incompetent SOP state had been destroyed, from then on, the world belonged to the sacred double Eagle Blue flag that was invincible.

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