I witnessed the pengguo people blood wash

I have witnessed the bloodshed of the People of Pengguo

I saw a young army officer galloping down the street with a knife, Shouting, “King Peng, order! Kill, kill, kill!”

I witnessed the pengguo people blood wash

I witnessed the pengguo people blood wash SOP King’s terrible scene.The killing spree continued from early morning to late afternoon, with peng’s cavalry in blue and white helmets all over the city.

My mind went blank before a group of Cavalry charged into the Great Inn at the South Gate.I remember yanlang pushed me into that haystack, hiding here, they won’t find it.

Yanlang said he wanted to hide the little girl, Too, but the haystack only allowed one person to hide. When The haystack moved towards me, the hay began to rustle and peel off.


I heard yanlang’s last words, Don’t be afraid of the jade lock, I will hide you in the big VAT.Then yanlang quickly close the hay, my eyes become a dark.


I was lost in the darkness. I could hear the sound of hooves approaching the yard by the tavern; I could hear the screams of the jugglers hiding in the trees, under the chickens and the planks of the wagons; I could hear a VAT pounded to pieces with a blunt instrument.

I heard the screams of at least fifteen jugglers who had died in a terrible accident, and it was evident from their voices that the dead had been unprepared for the disaster.


Later, I found the big urn in the yard full of corpses. Yanlang sat in the urn, with his head hanging on the edge of the broken urn. The three wounds on his chest looked like three red flowers, which made people shocked.

The water in the VAT merged with human blood and drowned Yanlang’s knees.


After I pulled Yanlang out, I saw another dead person in the jar, Jade lock. Her little purple coat had been dyed red, and she was still holding the small and simple rolling wood belonging to her tightly in her arms.

I did not find any sword wound on Yusuo’s body, but her breath was cold and motionless.


I have at last cast away my god-given and faithful servant.Yanlang died for me, which made his promise in the Qing Dynasty come true.I remember he said to me at the beginning of the 12th year when he entered the Palace of Sub, “Your Majesty, I will die for you.”


Many years later he really died, he took with him the only gift I gave him, the Qingxi girl jade lock bought for five hundred taels of silver, I think this is his last love, this is another kind of deep destiny.

The killing had ceased, and the peng soldiers gathered in the square to drink.Another group of black cavalry began to gather the surviving citizens of the capital and drive them in the direction of the Jap Palace.

I crowded among the survivors and walked toward Jisub, leaping from time to time over some dead bodies lying across the road.


Some were sobbing in the crowd, while others were cursing Wang Zhaomin secretly.As I walked, I looked at my own palms.

There was a dry blood red on my palm, no matter how I wiped it.Why is it that the invitation of death alone omits me, a sinful and heinous man?


A sudden sadness seized me, and I sobbed with all the people of the capital, and I shed the first tear of my life.

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