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They arrived in Beijing early in the morning

By the next spring, the vaudeville troupe had expanded into a large group with 18 artists and 20 performers, which was unique in the history of The Sub state.The road of itinerant busking seems to have come to an end, the jade lock is about to arrive the capital that she misses so much.

Education, philosophy, the way of life

In spring, Peng invaded The state of Xie in large scale, and more than 30 battles were fought on both sides of the long curved border line.Accustomed to frequent wars, the itinerant jugglers migrated north.

On the road of touring artists, they were unaware of the impending disaster of SOP.


They arrived in Beijing on the early morning of the 7th day of the 3rd lunar month. According to the secret History of SOP Palace, this day was exactly the death day of the ten thousand troops of Peng State marching straight into the gate of SOP Jing. Now it seems that such coincidence is an elaborate arrangement of history.


The sky was light as the troika drove past the capital’s south gate, and the familiar smell of rotting vegetables and fruit and dead livestock wafted from the water trenches beneath the city walls.

The drawbridge is down and the gate is open. If you look up and observe the high flagpole on the tower, it is not difficult to find that the black panther flag of The State of Xie has been pulled down and replaced by the double eagle blue flag of the state of Peng.


After a night of tossing and turning, all the eighteen artisans were so sleepy that no one noticed anything unusual near the South gate.When the carriage stopped at the entrance of the Great Inn at the South Gate, some artisans knocked on the locked door of the inn, and a frightened and trembling voice came from within:


It’s closing time. Let’s find another place.


Knock at the door and say, what inn does not leave guest’s truth?We’ve been travelling all night. Let’s come in and rest.


The door of the tavern was flung open a crack, and half the owner’s swollen and troubled face was revealed. You have come at an inopportunity.Don’t you know that the Pangkos have come to town?Don’t you see that the towers are full of Peng’s soldiers?


The jugglers woke from their lethargy and looked back to see the walls of the South gate filled with dark figures.

Jade lock was frightened by the horrible atmosphere at the moment, she habitually gave out a scream, Yanlang immediately covered her mouth.


Yan Lang said, don’t cry, don’t make any noise, now no one also don’t make any noise, Peng people are murder maniacs.


It was an invitation to die.Like a pack of ignorant lambs we have rushed into the midst of wolves, and our escape has been blocked.When the gates were closed, the hidden Soldiers rushed from the walls and houses, and from the woods into the streets.

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