Education, philosophy, the way of life

The crowd gathered in the street

The first court performance of the wandering king juggling class was on the streets of Xiangxian county, where it was an unexpected success.I remember when I was hopping ape on a high rope, a magical red cloud floated up in the sky, and it seemed to be cruising above me, guarding a regal acrobat.

Education, philosophy, the way of life

The crowd that had gathered in the street to watch broke into cheers, and some tossed coppers into bowls with a mixture of grace and gratitude.

Someone was standing in a wooden building Shouting at me, go, jump, turn a somersault, turn a somersault!

In the streets of Xiangxian full of lust and the air of money, I completely divided my life into two parts. As an emperor, the part has turned into fallen leaves and rotted quietly under the wall of Jap Palace, while as a generation of rare artists, I was born on a nine-foot suspension rope.


The inside story of the acrobatics troupe was revealed by the running hall of feng Jiao Lou, this news caused a sensation xiang County.

The next day, the dong Ancestral Hall where we stayed was surrounded by the citizens. The small officials of the county government, including Du Bicheng, the magistrate of Xiang County, dressed in neat formation, were waiting for us to go out on both sides of the temple gate.


Jade lock was frightened by the crowd outside and the noise, she hid inside refused to come out, Yanlang had to take her in his arms.

As I stood bleary-eyed in front of the kneeling crowd, I heard someone shout hooray to me. For a moment I was at a loss.


At my feet knelt The 60-year-old Du, his expression a mixture of shame, curiosity and a hint of fear.Please forgive this county officials have no eyes, do not know Xie Wang Longyi purple gas.Du Zhixian strolls his head on the SLATE. Please send the light of The king to my humble house.


Not necessarily.I pondered for a long time after refused the invitation, I said, now I’m just a wandering artist.This day to walk the king of the show such as god help, the audience like an ant colony densely in the streets around the vacant land.

Yanlang and the little girl Yu Suo’s roller has won bursts of applause, and I do in the suspension cable crane appearance provoked a thunderous storm of cheers.


The crowd was filled with weeping and screaming, “Sub King, sub King, walking King, walking king.”I know that I have been recognized as a walking artist, so magical, so touching.

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