Marriage also needs to be managed

There is a scene in the movie “Love saint” in which Shen Hong and Xiao Han hug each other on the bed and suddenly find that the light in the bathroom is not off.

Here’s the dialogue:

“You go and turn out the lights.”

“You go.”

“You go.”

“Then leave it on.”

It takes a few seconds to turn off the light, but no one wants to.

Marriage has been such, can you still be happy?

To save a marriage, one detail of love is enough

There is a “stacking effect” in psychology, in which negative emotions accumulate little by little and gradually explode.

Negative emotions +10% when you come home and see shoes flying around;

Negative emotions +20% when you talk to your partner but don’t respond;

When a good meal partner does not come to the table, the negative emotion is +50%;

Before going to bed, their partner did not wash their feet, and their negative emotions increased by 70%.

The lamp was broken for half a month and no one fixed it, with negative mood +100%.

Your partner may think, as for, just for a lamp, why are you so angry.

But the truth is, every little detail in front of you is eating away at your patience.

Maybe before you walk in the door, you want to have a good life, a good conversation, a good life with him.

But everything you do after you walk in the door pushes you toward the abyss of despair.

Two people are not necessarily not in love, but there is no energy to love.

When negative emotions are at their peak, who still has reason and emotion to see the beauty of each other?

I have seen a video “Silent” on the Internet, which tells of a quarrel between a couple who dare not make a sound after their child falls asleep.

When his wife came home from work, she was already close to breaking down.

Coffee spilled on the carpet, untreated diapers, piles of clothes and dishes, and children’s toys strewn all over the place.

She tidied up little by little, but her husband came home and said he was busy. Then he would lie down and play with his phone and check the cat video.

On the verge of collapse, the husband to go out to answer the phone, spilled milk on the table, and a mess.

She looked at her husband laughing through the cat’s eyes and was so angry that she grabbed his phone and dropped it on the floor.

War between the two was imminent and divorce was on the lips.

They each edited the most vicious words on their phone, but eventually deleted them.

Break the quiet, is the husband of an emoji package.

He thought for a long time, deleted the malicious remarks and offered up a meme.

The wife, who received her husband’s message, also took advantage of the situation and went down the steps.

At this time, the husband took out the gift to his wife, comfort her hard, said the Tanabata happy.

A dying marriage is back on track thanks to a meme.Is it easy, you see?

Sometimes the other person just gives in a small step, we can release all the grievances.

It’s the little things that destroy marriage.

It’s the little things that save marriages.

Good marriage, love is hidden in the details.

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