Daisub grain warehouse storage of grain after the war

After the war the Dasumu warehouses stored grain

I don’t want anything from you. Nothing.I reached out and touched the top of the boy’s head. I showed him my clean hands to prove my innocence. I said, After all this digging, what have you found?

Daisub grain warehouse storage of grain after the war

The cricket cans.The boy lifted a gilt clay pot from under his crotch, and as he lifted it, I recognized it as my childhood pet in the palace.

Cage.The boy opened the cloth jacket and showed me two birdhouses with flowered nets under it. The cages had been flattened by heavy weights, but I also recognized them as a pair of birdhouses that had been hanging in the hall before. I even remembered that on the day I left the hall, there were a pair of brocade birds with red bills and green plumage in the cage.

I smiled at the boy and put the cage back on for him. I said, this is the plaything of the fifth generation king Sub, which may be worth a lot of money or not at all.You can keep them.

Who are you?The boy looked at me suspiciously and said, why don’t you come digging?I’m the one who hid the treasure.I told the boy quietly.

Seventeen jugglers are buried in the Unknown Tomb in Changzhou, the site of an old grain depot.

Daisub grain warehouse storage of grain after the war has been robbed, leaving a lot of empty mat and a large thatch roof.I buried the bodies of Yanlang, Yusuo and a dozen other artists here.

I don’t know who first made the barn a burial ground.That day I followed the pattern of some citizens’ funerals and put the bodies of seventeen vagabonds on the carabiners one by one.I took advantage of the darkness to push the heavy corpse cart escaped the guard of the Peng people and followed others to the grain depot.

The open space around the storehouse was already crowded with new graves, and I had to dig them to give the dead jugglers a small, scattered plot.

Some of the mourners were sitting on the mound, drinking spirits to get rid of the cold of the spring night, and someone came up to me curiously and said, why bury so many dead people?Are they all your family?

No, it was the performers of the walking King’s juggling class. I thrust them under the sword of the Pengguo people. I had to put everyone to their graves.

Let’s bury it shallower.The man said, after a moment’s silence, that since the body is rotten when the rains come, such a burial is to deceive the conscience of a living person.Bury the dead to have strength, but also to tell tricks, if you will give me a few wine money, I help you bury, not half an hour buried.

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