Emperor, life, experience

With the end of prosperity, another emperor became

My Xie Country, my beautiful and troubled Xie Country, now it no longer exists, it is so natural and so helpless into the territory of Peng State, which makes many philosophers’ prophecy come true.

Emperor, life, experience

SOP King had been renamed Changzhou by the ruler of Pengguo.In the spring, pengguo’s craftsmen began a construction boom in Changzhou city, building many odd-shaped round houses, archways and temples.

Everywhere are the sound of nail hammer and the short and difficult tongue slang of Pengguo people, they seem to want to wipe out all traces of The Sub dynasty.

The residents of Changzhou are now dressed in peng’s overgrown garb, weary and apathetic as they pick their way through the ruins.

For them, the turbulent life continues, whether it is SOP Kyong or Chang Ju, they have lived here for generations, they have to live with great care.

I am like a lost soul wandering in the ruins of Jisub, which has become a paradise for the people of Changzhou to collect pearls and collect treasures.From morning till night, many people sorted through the broken roof tiles in the hope of finding the gold and jewels that the Peng people had missed.

I saw a boy squatting in the middle of a pile of rubble away from the crowd, intent on digging something.Later I would stand behind the boy and watch him work in silence.

The boy, a boy of twelve or thirteen, his face stained with dust, his black eyes watching me warily, perhaps lest I should snatch his treasure, quickly removed his linen to cover the heap beneath his feet.

I don’t want anything from you. Nothing.I reached out and touched the top of the boy’s head. I showed him my clean hands to prove my innocence. I said, After all this digging, what have you found?

The cricket cans.The boy lifted a gilt clay pot from under his crotch, and as he lifted it, I recognized it as my childhood pet in the palace.

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  1. They have been here for generations, and the people of a region stick to their place.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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