The Forbidden City, snow scenery, national wind

They pay tribute to Chinese culture with their actions

We used to have a misconception that traditional culture was old and modern civilization was new, and we could not have both.

The Forbidden City, snow scenery, national wind

But more and more of the above cases show that the combination of Traditional Chinese culture and modern aesthetics can, on the contrary, burst forth more innovative elements and make people’s eyes bright.

Pop music, cartoon, photography, dance and video are the products of modern civilization, but they can be linked with traditional culture, and become popular national style music, national style animation, national style photography and national style dance, and become the carrier of Plum Qi’s spreading Chinese culture.

More and more excellent brands, also aware of the power of Chinese culture, and actively use their own actions to pay tribute to Chinese culture.

Recently, roewe, a car brand, has launched a theme exhibition of “entering the palace and going up the tide” at The Ten O ‘clock Bookstore, a cultural landmark in Xiamen, bringing a visual feast of new national tide for young people who love traditional culture.

Keep pace with The Times, keep pace with the culture, take culture as a bridge, establish contact with young people, draw on the strength and creativity of traditional culture, and build a car with unique Chinese characteristics.

Roewe hopes the exhibition will help young people to identify with traditional Chinese culture and take pride in the Chinese nation.

It is roewe’s practice to combine Chinese aesthetics with the cutting-edge technology of The Times.

In the spirit of creative national trend, the car on display — Roewe iMAX8, with a younger and simpler lion logo, front grille black “Roegrine” full of digital rhythm, so that the body more sense of science and technology, is a fusion of classical beauty and sense of science and technology.

The appearance design and car body style all highlight cool and fashionable, but not lose solemn and honor, at the same time show “hard core” national fashion style, in line with the current young consumers’ aesthetic pursuit and consumption demand.

As the “national hot flushes” will combine the traditional culture and modern civilization, Roewe iMAX8 will also combine the national beauty and modern high-tech.

The “Magic bar” mobile center console is both practical and intelligent and takes good care of every passenger.

For example, when you are talking with guests and family members in the car, the center console can intelligently shuttle between different rows of seats, so as to avoid the inconvenience of handing things on a moving vehicle.

There is also a light interactive “magic screen”, which realizes the front and back four screens of interaction, synchronization of navigation, weather, music and other information. The second row of passengers can control the car by themselves with a touch of their fingers, so that the driving information can be fully grasped, which also enables the driver to focus more on driving.

The “magic screen” also has a dynamic AI voice assistant. For example, if you suddenly realize that the air conditioner is not involved during a family driving trip, you don’t have to turn around and go home. Instead, you can communicate with the car’S AI and send instructions.

Just as the cultural output of Plum Qi is based on the confidence of traditional culture, the luxury experience of Roewe iMAX8 is based on the strength of science and technology, which is more confident and more high-quality.

Behind roewe’s creation of new Guoco cars, in addition to the belief of Chinese brands, there is also the improvement of people’s cultural confidence, and the technological breakthrough of Chinese intelligent manufacturing, and the re-interpretation of “Chinese car culture” with the attitude of inheritance and innovation.

Auspicious clouds, a symbol of auspicious birds of the phoenix, and “xiang” homophone elephant……From various forms of expression revealed the meaning of good luck, is roewe in the new national tide full of sincerity expression.


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  1. Keep pace with The Times, keep pace with The Times, use culture as a bridge to establish contact with young people.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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