The Forbidden City, snow scenery, national wind

To see the snow in the Forbidden City

The first snow of the 2020 winter season hit Beijing over the weekend, and it was beautiful.

The Forbidden City, snow scenery, national wind

It is said that when it snows, Beijing turns into Peiping.

But most let foreign friends envy, nothing is more than can go to the Imperial Palace to see the snow, and then mirror the red wall snow, put on Hanfu, take a group of elegant classical national wind.

That feeling, instant dream back to China hundreds of years ago.

In recent years, there has been a “national hot flash” among young people, which is typically reflected in the ancient style of Hanfu.

Wearing Hanfu is no longer a niche hobby, but has become a fashion.

Even “Little Star Girl” Xu Jiao, who starred in “CJ7”, is now a loyal fan of Hanfu and often posts her hanfu style on her Micro blog.

“National hot flushes” is not only han clothing, but also includes all aspects of cultural life.

It is needless to say that “Chinese style” has become an important genre in Chinese music, from “East Wind Broken” by Jay Chou and Fang Wenshan to “Curly Bead Curtain” by Huo Zun.

National cartoon also rose rapidly. Monkey King: Monkey King: Monkey King: Monkey King: Monkey King: Monkey King: Monkey King: Monkey King: Dragon and Begonia and The Demon Child of Nezha successively became popular with both box office and public praise.

National wind dance, national wind photography, national wind sound, national wind ghost livestock, national wind makeup……In many areas you might not expect, “national hot flashes” are also in vogue.

In the 95, 00 after the gathering of B station, a search for the key word “guofeng”, this group of young people play can be wild.

Moreover, I have to say that video blogger Plum Qi has brought the “National hot flushes” from China to the whole world.

Picking gardens, brewing and cooking vegetables, and even making the Four Treasures of the Study, she brings traditional Chinese life to an international audience.

On foreign websites, more than 10 million foreigners follow her and are deeply impressed by her craftsmanship.

Her videos seem to have a special magic, calming people down in the midst of the clamor and making them yearn, at the other end of the screen.

Why does Plum Qi have such magic?I think it is because of the strong Chinese cultural force behind her works.

As one foreigner commented on her video:

“She is reintroducing the world to Chinese culture, art and wisdom that we have forgotten.”

Both the “national hot current” among young people and the cultural output of Plum Qi show that:

The Oriental aesthetics of China is becoming a new fashion and is being loved by more and more people.

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  1. Oriental aesthetics has a long history of cultural inheritance and the classics are spread.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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