How many such bleak love in the world, the time limit is not decided by their own, but to comply with the will of god

There are so many sad love in the world

The media suspected Paul’s love for Teresa Teng, and some newspapers deliberately used vague expressions to belittle Paul’s feelings for Teresa Teng.

How many such bleak love in the world, the time limit is not decided by their own, but to comply with the will of god

Many of Teresa Teng’s fans also hold a hostile attitude toward Paul, believing that he is fully responsible for the sudden death of his idol. Some of them even swear publicly that they will use the power of the underworld to avenge their idol.


After Teresa teng’s death, Paul only briefly appeared in front of her mourning hall before leaving amid a media scrum.


Dressed in a black shirt and a mile-white suit, with dark glasses and a pale face, Paul carried hundreds of red roses to see his sweetheart off.

How many such bleak love in the world, the time limit is not decided by their own, but to comply with the will of god

I saw him silently went to the spirit, two lines of clear tears through the sunglasses fell down.Then he slowly reached into his pocket and took out two letters, one of which read, “To my favorite, forever sorry.Stephen Paul.”


Another said, “Lijun, your departure is the biggest regret in my life.”

Then he folded his hands, closed his eyes, mourned in silence for a moment, lit two delicate candles, and finally laid down a string of pink pearls.


Since Teresa Teng’s death, Paul has lived in memory every day — his life in Hong Kong has been a walking corpse.


Every day, Paul would either hide out in his old Stanley home or drive to the place where they shared memories of Teresa Teng. Sometimes he would just sit by the sea all day.


At the same time, Paul is suffering from the bitter feelings of the Deng family, the resentment of his fans and the defamation of the media.He was under great pressure every day to pray and bless his loved one.


The so-called love, it is just so.When each other is still in the world, still able to know each other, together, but once one party farewell, the so-called love also only empty memories.


From then on, the one he had loved slept in a cold grave, and he could only go on living in numbness here on earth.


There are so many such bleak love in the world, our time limit is not decided by ourselves, but to obey the will of god.


When it wants to take away a love, never ask a person, want to take away.So easy, so determined.It was a heavy, pathetic departure.A sigh, a heartache, but nothing can be done.


One year after Teresa Teng’s death, Paul gave a surprise interview with ATV in Hong Kong and revealed his sweet past with Teresa Teng on TV.


During the interview, Paul repeatedly stressed that he had been inseparable from Teresa Teng for five years.He said: “Since her death, I have wanted to cry every time I hear her singing. I have struggled so hard for a year. I admit That I was escaping reality, so I had to lock myself in the house.I don’t know what else to do.”


When asked about his plans for the future, he suddenly went into a trance. Paul said he needed time to recover.


At the end of the interview, Paul said: ‘I will definitely visit her, but not on the anniversary of her death. I will go at a time when no one will notice. My feelings for her will not be witnessed.’


After 1995, Paul spent three years living alone in Stanley Villa in Hong Kong.


By this time, the Deng family had learned and understood Paul’s situation and urged him to leave the past behind and return to France as soon as possible to start a new life.


In 1998, Paul finally decided to put the past behind him, open his heart, and return to France to start a new journey of life.


Teng lijun’s last love affair with the world is thus completely drawn under the rest.Just did not think of this time “heaven and man farewell”, it was the sweet queen farewell world.

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  1. Love is like being addicted to it, bitter, hot, sour, sweet, lengnuanzizi.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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