Even when they met with different opinions, Teresa teng tolerated Paul everywhere

Even if they meet with different opinions

Soon, Teng needed someone to take a photo shoot, and she immediately thought of Paul.Since then, Paul has worked exclusively as her personal assistant, photographing and videotaping her.

Even when they met with different opinions, Teresa teng tolerated Paul everywhere

In early 1992, Teresa Teng, accompanied by Paul, flew back to Taiwan for the Chinese New Year, and Paul made his first public appearance in Taiwan.


The media focused on the blond foreigner, who stood about 1.8 meters tall, wore pigtails and earrings, and when people later saw him carrying Teresa’s belongings and coat, they realized: This was Teresa’s guardian.


For the return of their loved ones, deng family naturally expressed a warm welcome.They believe that Teresa Teng chose a foreigner as her boyfriend because she was hurt by her previous relationships with Chinese men — which, in any case, reflects several of Teng’s emotional experiences.


In the course of their relationship, Paul was only twenty-three or four years old, so a man was still a child at that age. His personality was somewhat childish, so Teresa needed to take care of and understand him.


In fact, Teresa Teng did exactly that, even when the two of them had different opinions, Teresa Teng tolerated Paul everywhere.


For the first few months, Paul had no idea that Teresa Teng was a famous star, so he didn’t put too much pressure on her at work. Such a relaxed state seemed suitable for romance. The two had always been in a good relationship.


Perhaps because she had experienced so many failed relationships before, Teresa still yearned for love, but did not have so many strong wishes. She and Paul maintained their relationship for five years, but always kept a low profile.

Until some time before Teresa Teng’s death, she did not make the relationship public or mention marriage.


Perhaps, at this time, Teresa Teng has no illusion about love. Her indifferent attitude is probably because she has loved for several times and is tired, so she no longer has too much luxury.


Or perhaps Teresa Teng accepted the arrangement made by heaven for love.This is a free and easy, or a helpless, it is not clear.


After The death of Teresa Teng, Paul was in great pain. On the one hand, he could not bear the heavy blow of losing his lover suddenly. On the other hand, because of the death of his lover, he could not bear the severe criticism made by the media and deng family.


The Deng family was unhappy that Paul was not around when Teresa teng was ill, and many newspapers and magazines published negative stories about Paul.

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