The eternal Teresa Teng, her brother 15 years apart, became her last lover

Her brother, separated by 15 years, became her last lover

Life is beautiful and fascinating because it is full of possibilities.

The eternal Teresa Teng, her brother 15 years apart, became her last lover

Teng settled in France in 1990 and met Stephen Paul, a French photographer 15 years her junior. It was love at first sight and they fell in love.Paul was also Teresa Teng’s last lover on earth.


Paul is a photographer, who loves art, as soon as he sees the gentle and generous Teresa Teng, he is deeply attracted by her unique temperament.


Before that, Teng’s friend Zhang Limin said that she knew Teng was most afraid of living alone, and she had helped Teng arrange three blind dates after her separation from Guo Kongcheng.

Each time she arranged a blind date with a prominent Hong Kong businessman, she was asked to quit acting because she was so focused on her acting career that she repeatedly missed out on happy marriages.


Stephen Paul is the only child of his father guillery, who lives in Normandy in northern France.


Originally a composer of music, Paul became so interested in photography that he went to work as a photographer in the Tangen district of Paris.


When Teresa Teng moved to France, she began to search for her inner peace — she had always wanted to live a simple life like an ordinary person.


That hope never came to fruition because teng was surrounded by stardom and glory from an early age.Now, Teng has lowered her profile and kept a low profile, trying to live as normal a life as possible.


In France, Teresa Teng consciously did not communicate with local Chinese people and her circle of friends was full of people with simple personalities. At this time, her closest contact was with a man named Shen Yun.


Shen Yun is tang Lijun’s good friend Brigitte Lin introduced to know, Shen Yun is running a restaurant called “New Dun Huang”.It was in this restaurant that Teresa Teng met her French boyfriend, Paul.


At the time, Paul was living in a restaurant at 19 Tangen in Paris.Paul and Teresa Teng, introduced by their friends, had a very harmonious first conversation in Shen Yun’s restaurant.


Teresa Teng might not have met someone she could talk to for a long time. She immediately fell in love with the person in front of her. Later, a love story would develop naturally.


The two of them from know each other, know each other to fall in love, everything went smoothly like a dress rehearsal.That day, in the restaurant respectively, they leave each other’s contact information.

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