A good marriage does the right thing


Mr. And Mrs. Huo Qigang have come to scatter dog food again!

Recently, when fok was shopping for stationery for children, he saw paper and bottles with lucky stars folded. He proudly said that if a boy wanted to get to know a girl, he could fold numerous lucky stars in this bottle. “I also have them at home.

Too sweet!

They are the two of them in the way that the rich and powerful couples have grown up into idol dramas.

Some netizens said that what really envies them is not how much money they have, after all, there are so many rich people.

The details of their love for each other are really enviable.

The most humble thing, but the sweetest confession.

After having a baby, Guo insisted on breast-feeding and often couldn’t sleep well at night.Mr. Fok gets up at 5 a.m. to make soup for Ms. Guo before going to work.

Evening also go home to have dinner as far as possible after work, if is has the social entertainment that goes home first accompanies the wife child, again goes outside the social entertainment.

Now, eight years later, their marriage is still as enviable as ever.

How many earth-shattering events does a happy marriage really have?

Not necessarily.

Those who make a person move and envy of marriage, it is the tender feeling that runs slowly mostly.

Similarly, hopeless marriages are mostly the accumulation of trifles.

How easy is it to beat a marriage?

Sanmao said: if love does not fall into the dress, eat, sleep, count money these real life to go, is not long.

The way to know a man is to see him as he is in real life.

Zhihu has a question: What’s the scariest thing about marriage?

One netizen said: love is never defeated by love or not, but by trivial details.

I have a friend who wants a divorce because she cooks, but her husband thinks she’s a drama queen.

She works far from home, and her husband’s office is a 10-minute walk from home.Every day when she gets off work, her husband has been home for half an hour.

This half hour time, the husband did only one thing — wait for her to come back to cook.After eating, he pushed his hands and walked away.

Do you call him wicked?There seems to be nothing wrong with principle.However, the absence of temperature details is chilling to think about.

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  1. Having a happy marriage is very enviable, in a lot of times need the emotional foil, people can not be too lonely in the world.The article shared by the landlord is heartwarming.

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