Anger is not only the number one enemy to health, but also an obstacle to a happy life.

Anger is not just an enemy of health

Jing yun: “one mind, Chen heart, a million barrier doors open.”

Angry, sad and hurt.

Anger is not only the number one enemy to health, but also an obstacle to a happy life.

There is a story in Buddhism about a man who worried every day because he was always angry with others.

When someone asked him why, he said he was sulky because he could not retaliate because others made me angry.

After hearing this, the man told him that there was a spell that would solve his troubles, but only on the condition that he hurt himself before taking revenge on others in this way.

In retaliation, the man accepted without hesitation.

Getting angry is like drinking poison and expecting others to suffer.

In fact, the person who did not hesitate to accept the revenge curse is the angry you.When angry blindly trying to revenge on others, but ignore before hurting others, the first hurt is their own.

All diseases spring from qi.

Anger is equal to illness. The nameless anger that burns in the heart when you are angry is the poison of hatreds. Hatreds do no good to others and do harm to yourself.


It is better to face it calmly than to get angry

An old saying goes: “Don’t curse the wrong, with the secular place.”

Take things easy in life and don’t be too persistent.

When Zeng guofan was young, he shared a room with an examinee while taking exams.

One day, Zeng Guofan wanted to move his desk to the window so that he could read and study.But did not expect the roommate unhappy said: “you have blocked the window light, I still how to read!”

Zeng Guofan was not angry either, and said, “Where do you think my desk should be?”The roommate pointed to the dark side of the room.

Zeng Guofan helpless, the desk moved in the past.

As the exam drew near, Zeng Guofan stayed up late reciting the book every day. However, he was scolded by his roommates: “I don’t study hard on weekdays, but I cram at night, so that I can have a rest.”

Zeng Guofan was still not angry, nor did he argue, but continued to recite quietly.

It wasn’t until later that zeng came out top in the exam, but his roommate failed. Perhaps out of jealousy, the roommate growled at Zeng, “I should have the good feng shui in the room, but I don’t want you to take it away from me!”

Zeng Guofan, who heard this, smiled calmly.

Life in this world, it is inevitable to encounter rotten people rotten things, anger, sulk…You can’t get away with it.Instead of being angry, it is better to face it calmly, with a wider heart, a better attitude and a smaller temper.

A wise man will take his time when things happen;A stupid man will only get angry when things happen.

As the saying goes: tolerance is big.

A man should have an open-minded heart and be able to tolerate the difficult things in life.

Life, open is pure, yield is wisdom, not angry is the real calm.

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  1. One should have an open mind and be able to bear the difficulties in life.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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