Between husband and wife, sometimes need insightful understanding, sometimes need sincere loyalty

need insight Husbands sometimes

The news that a 56-year-old aunt recently ran away from her marriage in a car was SOB.

Between husband and wife, sometimes need insightful understanding, sometimes need sincere loyalty

Auntie said, “It used to be as if she and her husband lived in two worlds.Besides her own job, she has to take care of her husband and daughter and do all the housework.”

Financially, she and her husband went Dutch.”Living with him, Not only will I not spend any money on him, But I will also cook for him, clean and wash his clothes for free every day. As a family, I should do these things, but I want an economic community!”

Auntie wanted to divorce several times, but miss the children, advised themselves to wait for their daughter to go to college;Daughter graduated, thinking of the child to get married, again bear it;The daughter got married and had a child, and endured it until the grandson went to school.

This time, my aunt did enough preparation for the drive, she went all the way to the south, to Sichuan, Yunnan, although hard, but free, feel never happy.

In only Thirty, when Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu had the most intense quarrel, Chen Yu said such a sentence: “I think you are a very gentle, very considerate girl, your family is practical, not as black as ours, I got married just for ease and ease, just to live a practical life.

For many men, having their children taken care of and food on the table means that everything is ok.I do not know how much women repressed the emotional demands, they swallow their anger, silence, let their own numbness.

Until one day, she can not bear any more, will run away, the feelings of death.

The writer Li Xiaoyi once said: “Husband and wife, sometimes need to understand, sometimes need to be sincere loyalty, sometimes need to flatten a thunder roar and vent, sometimes need to put with understanding pretend to be confused, and sometimes, need to beat teeth and blood swallow endure.”

All these test a person’s sensibility and learning ability.

And reading, is the fastest way to let you understand human nature, grasp the key points of communication.

You don’t know why the heart will change, you can’t understand each other’s heart desire, you don’t know a person is really love you, or in the perfunctory you……

Read a book, you will understand.

Because you can stand on the human standpoint to understand the other person’s behavior, feels the other person’s emotion.

A marriage can last only if it delivers energy to two people continuously.

Li Xiaoyi is a woman of great tenacity. No matter how busy she is, she insists on writing at least 1,500 words every day.She understands women and emotions. Her debut novel, The Woman with A Fragrant Soul, won the top spot on the annual new book list when it hit the shelves, and Li Xiaoyi herself rose to become China’s most popular new female writer.

“I’ve lost my job, I’ve made bad investments,” she says. “But at a low point, I was struck by the fact that the root of almost all human misery is frustration with our own incompetence.I just realized: busy are excuses, growth needs time.So I dived into the book, sucked the nutrients out of the book and reinvented myself.And I put together a book, which was an instant hit and won the title of new Book of the Year.”

Yang LAN praised her as a person who is good at solving problems through books.Lu Yu called her an adept at turning reading into decision-making;Wu xiaobo said she was androgynous and had the advantage of the opposite sex.

It is because she can choose books better than others and turn the words in the books into her own use.

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  1. A marriage can only last if it provides energy for both people.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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