Conflicts and conflicts between men and women are caused by their different ways of thinking and language systems

Conflict between men and women

Two people together for a long time, there will always be conflict, sometimes need a big fight, sometimes several days who do not pay attention to each other.Either one of them gives in and says it’s wrong, or they break up.

Conflicts and conflicts between men and women are caused by their different ways of thinking and language systems

Looking back on it, most of the time neither of us was wrong. What was wrong was that we thought differently and neither of us saw what the other really needed.

When I first fell in love, I always have endless topics to talk about. Now I can’t listen to anything.Is the feeling weak?

Originally two people who love each other, there is no cheating, no domestic violence, why would they split up in the daily bread, cooking oil and salt?

Man and woman, who has changed since marriage?

The answer to these questions, which have puzzled lovers all over the world, is already found in the book.

In 2005, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus was published and immediately became the most famous work on sexual relationships.

Author John Gray believes that the conflict and contradiction between men and women, because they use different ways of thinking and language system, like two people from two planets, came to live on the earth together.

The theory of Mars and Venus has been incorporated into harvard’s curriculum.

To find the most efficient way to communicate, you must first understand the other party’s language system.

Read this book, said most of the words is: so it is!It turns out that your partner is not what you think, and that your own little inexplicable emotions are also coming into play.

For example, the number one complaint of women in a marriage is: “Are you listening to me or not?”

At this, a man immediately goes into a defense mechanism: “Haven’t I been listening?”

The woman is wronged: “you just the ear is listening, don’t care about my feeling at all.”

The man had no idea.

In fact, a man from Mars is a “problem brain.” He focuses on what the other person says and what problems need to be solved.A Woman from Venus, on the other hand, is an “emotional mind.” She says things but actually expresses emotions.She’s more interested in whether the man understands what I’m feeling in this case.

A husband who doesn’t understand a woman’s subtext is the most likely to be the tipping point.

There is an even more amazing couple who never quarrel but always seem to be in harmony and then one day they decide to break up with no chance of turning back.

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  1. Two people who love each other, no cheating, no domestic violence.Thanks for sharing the article, this article collection, very valuable.

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